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3 days in Lisbon: the main attractions

Three days is enough to fully explore Lisbon. In these 3 days in Lisbon, Portugal you can visit the main tourist attractions, dive into the vibrant and colorful nightlife, taste delicious local cuisines and leave this amazing city with wonderful and unforgettable memories.

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In total, the card includes free trips to see 28 sights in the Portuguese capital. The Lisbon card also includes attractions that you can visit with a discount. You can buy it online (and then pick it up at the tourist office by presenting a voucher), or upon arrival in the capital. The price varies from 19 euros for 24 hours to 40 euros for 72 hours.

So, what you can cover in these 3 days…

The Jeronimos Monastery was founded by King Manuel I in the era of great geographical discoveries. Today the monastery is on the list of seven wonders of Portugal and is considered the most visited attraction in the country. Since 1983, it has been included in the UNESCO heritage list too. You can find the tomb of Vasco da Gama, inside the church. You can find the famous pastry shop Pasteis de Belem, right next door to Jeronimos Monastery.

Adult ticket: € 10, children under 12 years old -free. With Lisboa Card -free.

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If you go from the Jeronimos Monastery towards the river, you will see a large beautiful square, then from afar, you will see another landmark –The monument to the Discoveries. By the way, on the square in front of the monument is laid out a map of the world with routes and dates of Portuguese sea expeditions. The monument itself is a in a form of a ship, and carved are celebrities of the time who were known for their knowledge of Georgraphy, like Henry the Navigator, Ferdinand Magellan, Vasco da Gama, and others.

Ticket price:€ 5

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In Lisbon, you simply can’t walk past the Belem Tower on the Tagus River. The Belem Tower was created in honor of the legendary expedition of Vasco da Gama, which opened the way to India, and it is a favorite place of Lisbon for tourists today.

Adult ticket: € 6, children under 12 years old -free. With Lisboa Card -free.

The castle of St. George all locals call it -“the cradle of the city”. According to historical data, the fortress on this place existed since the V century BC on this place. The history of the castle will not leave anyone indifferent; it is the strengthening of the Visigoths, the royal palace, prison, and arsenal.

Adult ticket: € 8,5, children under 10 years old -free. With Lisboa Card -discount.

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The Praça do Comércio (Palace or Commercial square) is one of the central squares of Lisbon. Nowadays it is also one of the largest in Europe (36,000 m2, 180×200 meters). In the center is a monument of King Jose I, the work of the Portuguese sculptor in 1775. On my mind, it’s the No1 place to visit in Lisbon.

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Rossio Square is the best place to admire the evening and night Lisbon. One of the main squares of the capital has a truly fabulous view in the light of lanterns: with a two-color pattern in the form of waves, the magnificent bronze fountains, Rossio Square has its own unique atmosphere.

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Rua Augusta is one of the central pedestrian streets of Lisbon in the Baixa area. The street begins with the Rua Augusta Arch and connects the Praça do Commercio and Rossio squares.

The Rua Augusta Arch was open to the public in 2013. Now to the top, where the observation deck is located, there is an elevator and two spiral staircases.

The ticket costs € 2. With Lisbon card -free.

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To feel like a twentieth-century native Lisbon, you can take a ride on the historic Gloria funicular. This yellow tram (which, by the way, has run regularly since 1885!) will slowly take you from Reshtoradures Square to the city center, while in the meantime you can admire the beauty of city streets passing by.

The ticket costs € 1.25 ( “Zapping” card) and € 3.60 (for 2 trips, purchased from the driver).

The elevator de Santa Justa is an elevator in the center of Lisbon, connecting the streets of Rua do Ouro and Rua do Carmo with the square Largo do Carmo. It is built in neo-gothic style at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. There is a panorama view of the whole Baisha area, overlooking Rossio Square, St. George’s Castle, Se Cathedral and the Tagus River.

The ticket costs €5,15 (two ways). With Lisbon Card -free. With “Zapping” card -€ 1,3

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A new observation deck Amoreiras 360º appeared in Lisbon, on April 2016. Now it is the highest point in the city. You will find many telescopes On the roof, where you can observe, for example, the landing of an airplane. The time spent on the observation deck is limited to 15 minutes, even though one is watching you?. The roof is limited to only 50 people at the same time. The entrance is inside the shopping center, next to the store “Area”.

Adult ticket: € 5, children 6-12 yo: € 3, children under 6 years old -free. With Lisboa Card -discount.

The Sé Cathedral de Santa Catarina is remarkable not only because it is the oldest in the city, but also because it stands on the remnants of the former religious buildings -a Roman temple, later rebuilt into a church, and then replaced by a mosque, which stood here until the XIII century.

Free admission, except for visiting the Greek courtyard you will have to pay. € 2.50.

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The Igreja do Carmo Monastery is like the ethereal and eternally restless spirit of architecture in material terms: from the monastery destroyed by the earthquake of the 18th century, only the Gothic skeleton remained, which makes this landmark an inevitable MUST SEE for all dreamers and melancholic romantics in the spirit of Lord Byron.

Adult ticket: € 4, children under 14 years old -free.With Lisboa Card -discount.

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Basilica da Estrela or “The Basilica of the Star” is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful buildings in Lisbon. Built in the Baroque and Neo-Gothic style, this snow-white beauty amazed me with its openwork architecture and a magnificent view of the city from the terrace.

Free entrance.

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Do you want to see how the Portuguese monarchs and the court nobility lived? Then go to the Palace of Queluz, in the vicinity of Lisbon. Its interiors are literally filled with works of art -paintings, statues, and other things.

Adult ticket: € 9,5, children under 18 years old – € 7,5.

Pimenta Palace is the main part of the Lisbon Museum. It presents the exposition of the city’s history from prehistoric times to the emergence of the republic. The Museum of Lisbon consists of 5 objects located in different parts of the city: Pimenta Palace, the House with Spikes, the museum of St. Antonio, the Roman theater, the West Tower on Palace Square.

The ticket costs – € 3. With Lisbon card -free.

The Museu da Marionetais the only one in the country dedicated to dolls and a puppet theater. Back to the childhood! Here, dolls from different countries and eras are gathered under one roof: from Vietnam, Portuguese, Thailand, India and even Africa.

Adult ticket: € 5, children under 5 years old -€ 1,5.With Lisboa Card -discount.

Museu da Marioeta feature - 3 days in Lisbon: the main attractions

The National Azulejo Museum is a museum in Lisbon, Portugal, dedicated to the azulejo. Azulejo -is a clay tile, painted and covered with glaze (in blue сolors my favorite). This is a traditional decorative material in Portugal and Spain, which came from Arab countries and do not produce anywhere else.

Adult ticket: € 5, children under 12 years old -free. With Lisboa Card -free.

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Do you want to visit the royal “car park” XVII-XIX centuries? Then The National Coach Museum is exactly what you need. The museum exhibits a variety of coaches from Portugal, Spain, France, and Italy. I’ve liked the coaches a lot and for sure wanted to have a ride on one of it.

Ticket price: € 10. With Lisboa Card -free.

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The church of Santa Engracia caught my attention at first sight: a snow-white baroque building, topped with a dome, against a background of terracotta roofs and the blue sky. The view is simply impressive!

Adult ticket: € 4, children under 12 years old – free. With Lisboa Card -free.

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Another pearl of Lisbon is the Palace of Mafra. It is a suburb, but it is worth to see. The Palace is the largest in the country! Can you imagine, it’s like ten football fields✌!!! After visiting Mafra in 1809, Lord Byron wrote: “This monument is the glory of Portugal as the embodiment of its greatness, even if it lacks elegance.”

Adult ticket: € 6, children under 12 years old -free. With Lisboa Card -free.

The Pena National Palace, also sometimes called the Pena Castle, is located in Sintra, about 30 km from Lisbon. This is the first palace built in Europe in the era of Romanticism. The Pena Palace is a national monument of Portugal, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, as well as in the list of Seven Wonders of Portugal and it is so colorful!

Adult ticket: € 14, children 6-17 years old: € 12,50, children under 6 years old – free.With Lisboa Card -discount.

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The Quinta da Regaleira Palace and Park complex with a fancy palace and park is also located in the surrounding area of Lisbon. The building is made in the style of Gothic and Renaissance; there is a lush garden with intricate paths around, and in the center, you will find the mysterious Well of Initiation.

Adult ticket: € 6, children under 5 years old -free. With Lisboa Card -discount.

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Whether you are traveling with children, company or alone, the city Zoo is the place that you definitely need to see in Lisbon. One of the oldest and largest zoos in Europe will delight you with a variety of wildlife, and a rest park with the pleasant coolness of shady alleys.

Adult ticket: € 19,50, children 3-11 years old: € 14, children under 3 years old -free.

The 25 de Abril Bridge is one of the twenty longest suspension bridges in the world connects Lisbon and Almada. It is often considered as a twin sister of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco because of its similar design, but in fact, the bridge in Lisbon is actually 300 feet (100m) longer. When we left Lisbon the bridge road was free of charge, BUT on the way back entrance to the bridge was for an extra charge – € 1.40.

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The route 28of the tram (28E, where E -it means elétrico -tram) is a tourist and is described in each guidebook about Lisbon. This is a very fascinating landmark in Lisbon.

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The Águas Livres Aqueduct – perhaps the most famous technical building in Lisbon, which is also considered the hallmark of the Portuguese capital. The construction is a string of high-rise stone arches, was erected in the early 18th century. For a long time, the Aguas Livres Aqueduct was closed for tourists and only two years ago it became accessible again for sightseeing tours. By the way, this building is one of the few that survived after the powerful earthquake in Lisbon in 1755.

Adult ticket: € 3, children under 12 years old -free. With Lisbon card -discount.

1200px Aqueduto das %C3%81guas Livres 1 800x434 - 3 days in Lisbon: the main attractions

The Oceonarioum in Lisbon is considered the best in Europe and one of the best in the whole world. Each year, approximately 1 million people visit the aquarium in Lisbon. There are more than 8,000 living organisms in the aquarium, with more than 500 species.

Adult ticket: € 18, children 3 -12 yo: € 12, children under 3 years old -free.

Oceanarium of Lisbon  Oceanario de Lisboa  Lisbon Portugal c636a3335d464f8c8f4c011bc13495ed c 800x534 - 3 days in Lisbon: the main attractions

This list can be continued indefinitely …I’m sure everyone will discover something new in this amazing city...

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