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My flight to Portugal was with an eight-hour stopover in Rome. I realized that for a full tour in Rome Ι needed at least 3 days, but I didn’t want to waste my time and decided to make a maximum quick tour of the city in about 4 hours. Do you think it’s impossible to stay 4 hours in Rome and see everything? YES? Not at all, and below you will find how to see Rome in 4 hours and to taste a real Italian pizza.

So, let’s start…Here you will find how to see everything if you have only 4 hours in Rome


Terravision shuttle bus

I arrived at Rome’s Ciampino Airport at 11 am. Since I  only had carry-on baggage,  I left the airport in 15 minutes. I bought a ticket to the Termini Central Station operated by Terravision shuttle bus (I have already used their services for traveling in Italy and was pleased). These shuttle buses connect Ciampino Airport with the Termini station in approximately 40 minutes. The first bus leaves the airport at 8:15 am and the last departs at 12:15 (midnight). The first bus to leave from Termini to the airport is at 4:30 am. If you buy the ticket online before you get to Rome or a few days before going back home, you can find tickets for just 4 €. If you purchase a one-way journey it will cost 6 € but, 10 € for a roundtrip.

The road to the central station took about an hour due to the traffic and construction work, so I got there at 12:20 pm.


IMG 20181103 143603 resized 20181103 023616069 556x800 - 4 HOURS IN ROME: HOW TO SEE EVERYTHING
Baggage Service

My first goal was to leave my luggage in the storage room and I found it right inside the station – KiPoint Deposito Bagagli. I read something that said there was usually a very long queue in the high season, but when I came I saw only 10 people in front of me. The cost of one bag is 6 €, but if you do not want to wait in line when getting back the luggage it’s cost 12 . Since I had a little time, I decided to pay a double rate, although I regretted it since after my tour there was no line at all.



By marking the attractions on my map, I realized that I could make a circular walk from the Termini and back.

It is 12:30 on my watch and I began my acquaintance with the church with a long name Santa Maria Degli Angeli e Dei Martiri. It is one of the most remarkable and impressive churches in the city.

Santa Maria Degli Angeli e Dei Martiri

The next church on the way is the Church of Santa Susanna which has, until 2017, been known as the American church in Rome and is a parish for English-speaking people living in Rome. Due to problems discovered in June 2013 (wooden items falling from the ceiling), the church was regrettably closed to the public; however, as of August 1, 2017, the parish has been moved to Saint Patrick’s Church on Via Boncompagni No. 31, one block from the American Embassy.

612664395a40232133447d33247d3832363037323231 800x600 - 4 HOURS IN ROME: HOW TO SEE EVERYTHING
Church of Santa Susanna

So I moved on to the next stop, the Fountain of Moses.  It was the first of the many monumental fountains that were installed in the city of Rome after the Middle Ages. The fountain is named for the large statue of Moses that stands at its center and, in my opinion,  this is not the best copy of the original by Michelangelo!

1200px RomaFontanaAcquaFelicePiazzaSanBernardo 641x800 - 4 HOURS IN ROME: HOW TO SEE EVERYTHING
the Fountain of Moses

Then I turned into the street via Barberini and passed by the Triton Fountain. I really like a lot of fountains in Rome!

Finally, after 30 minutes, I reached the Spanish Steps…yeahhh… Down below was a huge crowd of tourists, so I moved on.

59371a67bcddaf641da4410e Spanish Steps From Above 800x531 - 4 HOURS IN ROME: HOW TO SEE EVERYTHING
the Spanish Steps

Unfortunately, I did not have time to visit Piazza del Popolo “People’s Square” and Villa Borghese gardens, which is a MUST see! So, I went in search of the Trevi Fountain. This is not so easy, as the fountain is located in a small square amongst the alleys, and BINGO! I found it! By the way, this is the most recognizable and famous fountain in the world! I LOVE IT! The fountain has its own myth: “Three Coins in the Fountain” and it goes like this:

  • If you throw one coin: you will return to Rome.
  • If you throw two coins: you will fall in love with an attractive Italian.
  • If you throw three coins: you will marry the person that you met

trevi min 600x800 - 4 HOURS IN ROME: HOW TO SEE EVERYTHING The Trevi Fountain

So, I threw one coin (I will be back 😛 ) and went on to my next point – the Pantheon,  my favorite building in Rome. The curious fact is that the word Pantheon is a Greek adjective meaning “honor all Gods”(hello, Greece!). In fact, the Pantheon was first built as a temple to all gods.

roman pantheon 800x534 - 4 HOURS IN ROME: HOW TO SEE EVERYTHING
The Pantheon

Ok, I went further to Piazza Navona. I passed by the Church of St. Louis of the French.  It would have been great to go to look at Caravaggio, but again not enough time. From the Pantheon to Navona a little more than 5 minutes.

Piazza Navona is one of the largest and most beautiful (piazza) squares in Rome with three impressive fountains, including la Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi(the Fountain of Four Rivers) by Bernini with its large obelisk at the center. Once again: I love the fountains! and Bernini 😀 . It’s just breathtaking…and a lot of amazed tourists all around it.

Fountain dei Quattro Fiumi Piazza Navona Rome Italy 800x986 - 4 HOURS IN ROME: HOW TO SEE EVERYTHING
Piazza Navona

After the square, I came out on the Tiber embankment. From here I saw my next target – the Castle of the Holy Angel (my regards to Dan Brown). From Navona, it’s about 15 minutes walk and time is 14:00. The bridge is full of vendors with different miscellaneous objects.

In the year 1277, an 800-meter fortified corridor was built that connected the castle with the Vatican City so that the Pope could escape in the event that he was in danger, but I went to the Vatican in the usual touristic way.

Castle Angel min 600x800 - 4 HOURS IN ROME: HOW TO SEE EVERYTHINGthe Castle of the Holy Angel

And what a pleasant surprise! The vast square of St. Peter is relatively uncrowded and there was no queue practically, so I went inside. There are two levels below St Peter’s Basilica; the first level is known as the Vatican Grottoes where the tombs of 91 Popes are buried. The level below this is the Vatican Necropolis and houses St Peter’s Tomb. There are only three women entombed in the Vatican Grottoes; Queen Christina of Sweden, Agnesina Colonna Caetani and Queen Charlotte of Cyprus. The holy door in St Peter’s Basilica is only opened for Jubilee Years, which is once every 25 years. They are usually cemented shut to prevent them from accidentally being opened. What I remembered was the Michelangelo’s famous carving of the Pieta and it is protected by bulletproof glass.

💡 MY SUGGESTION: If you have several days in Rome be sure to attend Individual, Small-group or Group Vatican Tours. This will save you time in the queue and give you an unforgettable experience.
635946721278680865 ThinkstockPhotos 186428176 - 4 HOURS IN ROME: HOW TO SEE EVERYTHING
St Peter’s Basilica

I was inside about 30 minutes and after I just had to run to the square Pizza Della Chiesa Nuova with the church Santa Maria in Vallicella.

At 15:10 I reached Piazza Campo de’ Fiori, where Giordano Bruno was burned to death. Here now is the usual bazaar, around his monument.

maxresdefault 800x450 - 4 HOURS IN ROME: HOW TO SEE EVERYTHING
Piazza Campo de’ Fiori

If it is not true it is very well invented. G. Bruno

One of the most picturesque places is the Largo Dei Library with its tiny church of Santa Barbara. I moved on to the Area Sacra di Largo Argentina. It is a square in Rome that houses four Roman temples and the remains of a Temple, discovered in 1920. But it is more famous for its large number of cats, and the site of the murder of Julius Caesar.

the Area Sacra di Largo Argentina

I returned to the Tiber embankment, the time on my watch – was 15:30, so I  did not have time to visit the island of Tiberius and went on further. I passed the Temple of Portunus, and the Fountain of Triton and I came out near the church of Saint Mary in Cosmedin. Again another Greek word hohoho.  The name Cosmedin comes from the Greek word “kosmidion”, meaning ornamented, thanks to its beautifully decorated interior.

And what did I see behind…? Bocca Della Verita or the Mouth of Truth. During ancient times it was more like a lie detector. The offenders would be asked to take the oath and have to place their hand inside the open mouth while they answer the executioner’s questions. It was believed that if a person is telling the truth, the disc would never move a muscle. However, if the person was telling a lie, the mouth would close and then cut off the hand of that person…OMG…I decided not to try 🙂

the Mouth of Truth

The next stop was Circus Maximus  –  the largest stadium in ancient Rome built for chariot races. Further, I passed the Arch of Constantine and finally – The  Colosseum! One word – COLOSSAL! As usual, swarming of tourists armed with cameras and ticket sellers speaking all languages of the world. The Colosseum is the largest amphitheater (meaning “theatre in the round”) in the world! This brilliant building had 80 entrance…wow… and could seat approximately 50,000 spectators who would come to watch sporting events and games. FREE FOR ALL! At the Colosseum’s major events – often those organized and paid for by the emperors themselves – there was no entry fee. And the free food was sometimes served, too.

Bread and circuses. Juneval 

💡 MY SUGGESTION: You can save your time if you buy online Colosseum tickets with arena floor direct entrance or join a group tour.

img1541448093402 01 800x600 - 4 HOURS IN ROME: HOW TO SEE EVERYTHING
checking emails near the Colosseum

After a few photos, and with hurried steps, I went to the Trajan’s Forum and reached the most insane and pretentious structure in Rome – the Vittoriano. It is the huge white monument that obstructs the most panoramic views of Rome.

Vittoriano 600x800 - 4 HOURS IN ROME: HOW TO SEE EVERYTHINGthe Vittoriano

What a pity? It was already 16:10 and I had to go back. And my final point was the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, which has a beautiful legend in its history:

According to the legend, the work was financed by a Roman patrician John, and his wife. They were childless, and so had decided to leave their fortune to the Blessed Virgin. She appeared to them in a dream, and told them to build a church in her honor on the site decreed by a miraculous snowfall -this was in August; such a patch of snow was found on the summit of the Esquiline hill the following morning, and so the church was built.
IMG 20181025 133046 01 resized 20181106 100130305 653x800 - 4 HOURS IN ROME: HOW TO SEE EVERYTHING
the church of Santa Maria Maggiore

My watch is 16:35, and my bus would leave at 17:10. I found a small pizzeria near the church and realized that I was really hungry. I finally sat down after the 4-hour race and ordered a fresh Italian pizza, which I got after 10 minutes of waiting (well done, fast guys). The pizza was just awesome and it took me only 10 minutes to leave not even a slice (well done for me 😛 ).

IMG 20181025 135750 01 resized 20181106 030037254 1 600x800 - 4 HOURS IN ROME: HOW TO SEE EVERYTHING
Gran Caffè Maggiore

Only 10 minutes left to pick up my luggage and find a bus. Exactly at 17:08, I was near the bus but …. oh my God …. what is this queue! Anyone who had missed the first bus must wait for the second one. I had no time and decided to take a taxi. I was in a hurry and the driver did not speak English at all! Unbelievable! As I understood, in Rome, the biggest problem is the traffic lights, they are just every 100 meters. And thankfully, exactly at 18:00, I was at the airport. By taxi it took 50 minutes and cost 40 euros, on the bus, I have been late for sure…

I want to mention, one more time, how I admire the airports, serving low-cost airlines. They are so simple and fast services. Within 20 minutes I was expecting a boarding call with a cup of Italian coffee in my hand…

Rome is really cool (I mean amazing) and deserves more than 4 hours definitely! But these 4 hours in Rome were unforgettable!  So, next time here again…

💡  In case you are in Rome for a few days, you can visit other interesting individual and group tours, which diversify your journey.

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  • dewi

    cool, your sight seeing race.
    There always a queue if we want to go back airport. in my experience, they give priority to get on bus for those who buy round trip bus ticket.

    • limitlesstravellingwithk

      Thank you, Dewi – it was a really unbelievable experience for me!
      I also had a round trip ticket (without a specific time), but they only let forward those who bought a ticket on the internet with the specific time. In my opinion, they have to make this system better, cos it was a little bit stressful part of my trip ;p

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