advantages of early booking

5 Advantages of early booking your vacation in Greece

Last-minute vacation planning and searching for special “promotion tours”, could cause you to book in a rush, which could lead to a very disappointing and failed planned vacation. Maybe it’s time to change this strategy? In my post, Easy Steps For Planning Your Trip, I already mentioned the benefits of early booking in general. So now, let’s talk about the main advantages of early booking your vacation in Greece.

early booking - 5 Advantages of early booking your vacation in Greece
advantages of early booking your vacation in Greece

Advantages of early booking your vacation in Greece

#1 Save up to 40% on accommodation

early booking accommodation scaled - 5 Advantages of early booking your vacation in Greece
early booking accommodation

Yes, it is real! This October, I already booked my vacation to Mykonos for July and an amazing suite with a

private pool and magnificent views of the island and sea at a 5* hotel cost us only 420 euros, instead of 700 euros! Great deal!

Of course, early booking discounts are not always so big, but, in any case, they are very pleasant for your travel budget. Do not forget to check the cancelation policy, as in many cases, earlier booking in hotels implies a non-refundable rate and payment upon booking. But it’s worth it!

Another great thing about early hotel booking is a rather large selection of accommodation, which means that you will find the best value for money.

Check some Awesome Early Booking Deals in Hotels

Athens: Athenian Callirhoe Hotel, The Athens Gate Hotel, Electra Hotel Athens, Electra Metropolis Athens, New Hotel Athens.

Crete: Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites, Amirandes Grecotel Exclusive Resort, Knossos Beach Bungalows & Suites, Aldemar Knossos Royal Beach Resort.

Rhodes: Atrium Platinum Luxury Resort Hotel & Spa, Esperos Palace Rhodes, Amada Colossos Ultra All-Inclusive Resort, Esperides Beach Resort Hotel, Elite Suites by Rhodes Bay.

#2 Save on flights

early booking flights - 5 Advantages of early booking your vacation in Greece
early booking flights

We all, in general, know the pricing strategy of airlines. As the flight is filled, the price rises. So, do not waste time and book your flight in advance, especially for long-distance international destinations, like Greece.

For example, if your friend booked an air ticket to Greece 6 months in advance for 200 euros and you decided to join him a week before the flight departure, then the price for the same ticket can increase up to 600 euros. Greece is a pretty popular destination, and airline booking should not be delayed.

Booking the airline tickets in advance during the high season in Greece can greatly reduce your expenses, especially if you are a big family.

#3 Book tours and excursions with special discounts

early booking tours scaled - 5 Advantages of early booking your vacation in Greece
early booking tours

Greece is famous not only for the beach vacation but also for its proud and exciting history and myths. It is impossible to visit Greece and not join at least one tour.

Recently, I noticed that early booking offers for tours are also popular along with airlines and accommodation. Basically, these are small discounts on group excursions from 5% to 20%, but also very pleasant.

If you prefer private tours, booking a tour in advance will give you the advantage to get the best guide, for the best price. During my work in the travel agency, we always confirmed primarily our best guides for tours booked earlier, and only then we looked for any additional ones.

#4 Favourable early booking tour packages and deals in Greece

vacation pacakges scaled - 5 Advantages of early booking your vacation in Greece
early booking vacation packages in Greece

If you are looking for an all-inclusive vacation in Greece, early booking tour packages are what you need. In this case, you don’t need to worry about anything, as the packages already include early booking discounts for airlines, accommodation, excursions, transfers, and much more.

The all-inclusive vacation packages in Greece are beneficial primarily if you are:

  • planning to visit Greece during the high summer season, and especially popular islands such as Mykonos and Santorini.

#5 Enjoy more pre-vacation days

pre vacation 1 - 5 Advantages of early booking your vacation in Greece
pre-vacation days

What could be more joyful than sitting at home or work during the cold winter days and dreaming of your ALREADY BOOKED vacation in sunny Greece? You no longer need to worry about where to spend your holidays and you can 100% focus on preparing for it.

Once you know where are you going, you have more time to get organized: where to leave your pet (if you have one), who can look after your house, resolve all questions at work before the trip. It is also a great time to check out some additional information about Greece, such as national customs, local cuisine, learn a few phrases in Greek, find additional places of interest, etc. And all this without haste and fuss.

If you are going to spend your best summer holidays it’s just the right time to grab the best deal for your vacation in Greece and the local travel company Antelope Travel can offer you the most advantageous early booking packages throughout Greece! What are you waiting for?


vacation in greece 534x800 1 - 5 Advantages of early booking your vacation in Greece

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