Agistri is the emerald of the Saronic Gulf full of pine trees and crystal blue sea.

Although the island is very small, it can boast of many bays and beaches with emerald and clean waters.

After visiting the island, I completed a useful list of 8 fantastic beaches and bays, which are definitely worth to visit during your stay in Agistri.  You can rent a motorbike (the special driving license are required), a bicycle, a speedboat or just take a coastal bus.


skala beach 800x532 - AGISTRI: THE BEST BEACHES

The beach was just a few steps from my hotel Galini.  There is a large sandy beach with clear shallow waters, which is divided between several beach bars & taverns.  On the beach, you can find sunbeds & umbrellas both as paid (7 Euro for 2 persons) as free (with a minimum order of 3, 5 Euro). It is perfect for families with children and SUP fans as we are: -P IMG 20180818 182113 01 resized 20180826 041730112 1024x768 - AGISTRI: THE BEST BEACHES MEGALOCHORI BEACH

megalochori 800x600 - AGISTRI: THE BEST BEACHES

Megalochori has 2 beaches at the right and at the left of the port with sandy and pebbled areas.  It is also organized beaches with sunbeds, umbrellas, and beach bars. milos beach agistri 968x500 - AGISTRI: THE BEST BEACHES  


gallery 8 1024x683 - AGISTRI: THE BEST BEACHES

hook club 800x600 - AGISTRI: THE BEST BEACHES

The rocky beach of Skliri is to the left of Skala.  From the main road, you need to go down to the Hook Club, where you will find the rocky platform for swimming in the sea with sunbeds.  Basically, this beach located on the territory of the Hook club where you can take a sunbath with delicious food.  Nearby there are other several bays with small organized beaches. IMG 20180819 135325 01 resized 20180826 043827464 1024x768 - AGISTRI: THE BEST BEACHES  


Chalkiada 800x530 - AGISTRI: THE BEST BEACHES

I can call it the most secret beach since it has a little bit difficult access and can be reached only on foot.  But, what amazing smells, as the beach is immersed in a pine forest.  It is a natural emerald bay with big pebbles and in the begging the waters are shallow, but after 5m further down is quite deep. chalkiada beach agistri 2 850x500 - AGISTRI: THE BEST BEACHES


mareza 800x600 - AGISTRI: THE BEST BEACHES

Another small and rocky platform among the pine forest.  There are no sunbeds, but waters are really crystal and a real paradise for the best snorkeling.


aponisos 800x600 - AGISTRI: THE BEST BEACHES

It’s not only the beach, but it is also a private island.  The sunbeds and umbrellas are located throughout the territory of the rocky island.  The entrance is only 5 euro per person including one drink and it is very easy to find the place to relax.  The color of the water cannot be described and absolutely no desire to get out of the sea. 01 1200x800 1024x683 - AGISTRI: THE BEST BEACHES  


magiza 800x464 - AGISTRI: THE BEST BEACHES

The isolated beach is situated on the right side of the lake.  Ideal place for those who do not like crowded beaches. 1 1 - AGISTRI: THE BEST BEACHES


dragonera 800x600 - AGISTRI: THE BEST BEACHES

The beach consists of Small and Big Dragonera. Going down to the beach on the right and left inside of the pine forest there are many tents from camping.  It is a picturesque pebbled beach with some sandy areas with sea sports, sunbeds, canteen and shallow waters. IMG 20180819 175920 01 resized 20180826 061152638 1024x604 - AGISTRI: THE BEST BEACHES

In addition to these main beaches on the island, you will find countless cozy bays with shallow or deep emerald, clear, crystal waters and pine trees reaching out to the sea.

Agistri is a real green treasure of the Saronic Gulf with its unique colors of waters and the pine smell that will not leave anyone indifferent…


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