Best areas to stay in Bangkok

4 Best Areas To Stay In Bangkok

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Best areas to stay in Bangkok

Looking for the best holiday areas to stay in Bangkok? Here you will find everything you need to know before visiting the capital of Thailand and booking a hotel for your unforgettable vacation.

The Best Areas to Stay in Bangkok

Bangkok is a big city, and picking the right place for a hotel the first time isn’t a simple task. There are plenty of areas with a concentration of hotels, points of interest, amusement, and distinctive. For instance, if you wish to be near the main old sights and in the tourist hangout center, it’s better to settle in the Khao San Road area. And if you need shopping, then the Pratunam or Siam area would work.

To make it simpler to find out the hotel’s choice of location, we have organized a straightforward and succinct algorithm. And at the end of the article, you will find a simple interactive assistant for selecting the best area to stay in Bangkok.

1. Sukhumvit District, Bangkok

Sukhumvit District 1 - 4 Best Areas To Stay In Bangkok
Sukhumvit District, Bangkok

Sukhumvit district in Bangkok goes along the famous Sukhumvit highway, one of the lengthiest streets in the world (over 400 kilometers in length). The area itself is also extremely lengthy, stretching out for almost 10 kilometers. It is unquestionably by far the most well-liked tourist destinations in Bangkok and the most congested with accommodations.

There are plenty of shopping malls, cafes, bars, nightclubs, travel agencies, currency exchange, therapeutic massage parlors. Generally speaking, everything that only vacationers may require. The only problem is that the area is large, and it is typically tough to choose where it is best to stay to get access to everything at once. To make it less difficult, it is best to settle in the most developed part of the area near the city within the streets from Soi 2 to Soi 33, perpendicular to the Sukhumvit highway. 

If you come to Bangkok for parties, it could be most convenient for you to settle in the Silom or Sukhumvit area. 

2. Khao San Road, Bangkok

Khao San - 4 Best Areas To Stay In Bangkok
Khao San Road, Bangkok

The Khao San or Khaosan area is situated in Bangkok, on the Ratanakosin Peninsula, and is truly regarded as the capital’s tourist center and one of the most popular areas to stay in Bangkok ( Khao San on the map). This is where budget-minded backpackers go first and is definitely worth heading to if you’re unclear about which area to choose. Most budget hotels in Bangkok are located here. One example is, you can find a clean, air-conditioned double room for 500 baht.

The heart of the area is Khao San Road, which is only 400 meters long. However, the tourists aren’t restricted only to this street, and you will find many small alleys parallel to Rambuttri Alley. In general, whenever someone discusses the Khao San area, it really means all these streets, and not just Khao San Road itself.

If you come to Bangkok to get familiar with its sights, you have a direct road to the Khao San Road area. You will be within easy reach of all the main attractions of Bangkok, including the Grand Palace. Moreover, there is no need to stay on the Khaosan street itself, which does not have the best status regarding the offense; many hotels are nearby. 

3. Pratunam District, Bangkok

Baiyoke Sky Hotel - 4 Best Areas To Stay In Bangkok
Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Pratunam District

You could even say that this area is one big shopping area, but unlike Siam with its glittering shopping malls, Pratunam is more typical of street markets, budget malls, and small shops. But for cheap purchases and wholesale, it is worth going to the markets of this area, because the prices here are sometimes even lower than at the famous Chatuchak market.

This is just the perfect place to stop for the last days before flying home to shop for souvenirs and Thai products. The main shopping areas here are Indra Square (mainly traders and buyers from India); Pratunam Market (huge mixed indoor and outdoor market); Market at Baiyoke Sky Tower, Pantip Pratunam (large electronics store). For tourists, this area is extremely cozy and hassle-free: there is lots of transport, well-developed facilities, affordable shopping.  

Hotels in the area are of various categories, and you will find a lot of them around the Baiyoke Sky, which is the tallest hotel in Bangkok, you can easily find accommodation for any price range.

4. Chinatown, Bangkok

china town bangkok 1 - 4 Best Areas To Stay In Bangkok
Chinatown, Bangkok

Chinatown is yet another district of Bangkok situated on the territory of Rattanakosin Island. There are very few hotels here, almost no travel agencies and other infrastructure for tourists, but if you settle here, you will live in the most vibrant and interesting place in the city, which has maintained the bustle, crampedness, and deeply rooted traditions inherent in any traditional Chinatown. This is not to say that this is a really comfy and roomy area for tourists: one wide street, Yaowarat road, goes through it, and all the others, as befits a real Chinatown, are either very slim or are filled with shops and workshops so that you are not able to walk-through them. 

Many intriguing Bangkok temples are in Chinatown such as the Golden Buddha Temple, Wat Chakrawatrachawat Woramahawihan Crocodile Temple, and the most important and largest Chinese temple, Wat Mangkon Kamalawat (Wat Leng Noei Yi). A very few hotels in the Chinese region mainly concentrated near the Hua Lamphong railway station. However, you can rent out a private apartment if you want to reside around the Chinese people and arts.  


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