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What do you associate Greece with and which best places to visit in Greece?

I am pretty sure, that for many tourists, Greece is associated with numerous beautiful islands and countless beaches, clear and emerald waters, delicious Greek food, centuries-old history, mythology, and also a peaceful laid back type lifestyle. Greece, for sure, is one of the best destinations for summer vacations or studying ancient Greek history.

summer in Greece scaled - BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN GREECE
Mani – one of the best places to visit in Greece

For us, the locals of this beautiful country, Greece is also associated with endless mountains, wide fields, ski resorts, thermal springs, SPA resorts, golden autumns, green spring in mountain villages, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, streams and much more amazing places for all year round holidays.

Want to explore new destinations in Greece all year round? Keep reading! I’ve completed a special list of the best places to visit in Greece every month. Here you will find my unique travel ideas based on the season, which will inspire you to visit new, fewer tourist destinations for unforgettable moments.

Best places to visit in Greece in the winter

Greek Winter Destinations scaled - BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN GREECE
best places to visit in Greece in the winter

The winter period, apart from the holidays Christmas and New Year is basically the lowest season in Greece. The weather at this time is the coldest, although it does not rain often and you can comfortably explore many places and your winter holidays in Greece can be no less impressive than in the summer.

Keep in mind, this is not the best season for visiting the islands, but winter is suitable for exploring mainland Greece by car.

Best places to visit in Greece in December

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Christmas market in Trikala

December is a wonderful month to explore the most interesting and biggest cities in Greece – Athens, and Thessaloniki. Starting from the beginning of the month, all cities of Greece are decorated with lights and holiday decorations and in many Greek families, the Christmas trees have been decorated since the second week of December.

Greece celebrates Christmas on the night of December 24 to 25. At this time, many Christmas markets begin to work in different parts of Greece. One of the largest and most famous Christmas markets in Greece the “Mill of the Elves” is located near the town of Trikala, central Greece. Trikala has become one of the most famous destinations for the Christmas celebration, and the theme park is visited by more than 850.000 visitors every year.

Weather in Greece in December

The average weather in December in Athens is about 14 C° and at night it could be about 6-7 C°. Sometimes December can be rainy, and in the mountains, it even snows. Usually, a light coat is enough for December, but in the evenings you may need a warm jacket.

Best places to visit in Greece in January

Arachova village

After the 6th of January in Greece, the New Year holidays end and the ski season begins. Not many people know that in Greece there are many ski resorts, which are very popular among the locals.

My favorite ski resort is located in the village of Arachova. Although I do not ski often, I like this charming village and the atmosphere that reigns there during the winter. Despite the high popularity among tourists during this period, Arachova managed to maintain its traditional flavor of the Greek village with its narrow streets, quiet taverns and good-natured locals. The most amazing thing is that in Arachova it might not snow at all but as soon as you go up to the ski center Parnassos, the trees and ground are covered first with light snow, and then you will see the real winter landscapes. It is more practical to visit Arachova by car, as well as you need the car to get to the ski center.

image 8878020 12472051 - BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN GREECE

Another popular ski resort is located on the Peloponnese in the area of the village of Kalavrita. On the territory of the center, there are seven ski lifts, 12 pistes, several cafes, restaurants, parking lots, a ski rental service and an organized ski school. The ski center is located just 14 km from the picturesque, historic city of Kalavrita where you can stay. If you rent a car, do not forget that you will need special chains on the wheels, but, maybe, it’s better just to book an SUV. Don’t be surprised that in Athens it can be + 15 C ° and in the mountains, the temperature can drop to zero or lower.

Weather in Greece in January

The average daily temperature in January is about + 10 ° C, and at night it can be no higher than + 1-3 ° C. It is much colder in the mountains, where it is about 0 ° C. The rains at this time can go several days in a row. The sea is +16 ° C, and usually, the temperature does not drop below.

Best places to visit in Greece in February.

thermopylae scaled - BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN GREECE
Thermopylae SPA baths

February is usually the coldest month, even in Athens, that’s why its a great opportunity to visit the famous SPA resorts in Greece.

One of them is located on the island of Evia in the area of Edipsos. Therma Silla Spa is probably one of the most popular SPA hotels in all of Greece. This hotel is famous not only for its thermal springs but also for the variety of wellness treatments, healthy and dietary cuisine and 5 * hotel services.

Kamena Vourla is another area popular for its thermal springs. Galini Wellness Spa & Resort is a 5 * hotel, which pleases its guests all year round with a huge indoor pool with thermal waters, delicious cuisine and a relaxing stay. By the way, it is the largest wellness hotel Spa in the Balkans, surrounded by eucalyptus trees and most of the rooms have a breathtaking sea view.

Loutraki, located just an hour from Athens, is also famous for its thermal springs. You have two options: to book a hotel near the well-known Loutraki Thermal Spa with several pools and a wide range of services or to book the Club Casino Loutraki hotel with its own Spa services.

The very popular and almost free option is to visit Louta Pozar with hot springs in the Pella area. This destination attracts tourists and locals due to its thermal baths and hot water temperature, even in the winter when snow is around.

The Thermopylae region is famous not only for its gorge and the fearless monument of Leonidas and feat of 300 Spartans but also for its natural thermal springs. You will definitely like a beautiful waterfall and huge hot baths and all this is free for the public.

Weather in Greece in February

The weather in February is variable, if you go for a walk, it is better to have an umbrella. During the day, the temperature can reach up to + 14 ° C, but due to frequent winds and rains, it feels much lower. Therefore in February, it is necessary to have warm clothes with you.

Best places to visit in Greece in the spring.

spring in greece 2 - BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN GREECE
best places to visit in Greece in the spring – Makrinitsa

Spring is my favorite season in Greece. The sun begins to please with its warmth, the mountains are dotted with many different wildflowers and herbs. Meadows and plateaus of mountain Greece are surrounded by greenery, the whole of Greece is covered with flowering almond trees.

In my opinion, spring is an excellent month for exploring mainland Greece and the Peloponnesian Peninsula, and starting from May you can already visit the islands. Sometimes the sea is still cold and you can just stroll along the still half-empty islands, and sometimes May spoils us with summer weather and you can even swim.

Best places to visit in Greece in March

Monemvasia – one of the best places to visit in Greece in March

March is a wonderful month for exploring the Peloponnese, as this peninsula has not only beautiful beaches but also a rather rich history.

Monemvasia is my love at first sight. Imagine a Byzantine fortress located on a small island connected to the land and inside of this fortress you can find small guesthouses with breathtaking sea views. About 800 houses turned by enterprising Greeks into rooms to let, taverns, cafes and making up an intricate maze. The St. Sophia Church is well preserved at the top of the cliff.  Be sure, that your stay in Monemvasia will definitely remain unforgettable.

Nafplion is the first capital of Greece and the town where I can come back again and again. March is a perfect month to explore Nafplion when there are not so many tourists and you can easily climb on foot to the fortress of Palamidi. To get to the castle you have to overcome 999 steps! but you can do it!. Nafplion is also famous for its Venetian buildings, narrow pretty streets and real Italian ice cream.

Weather in Greece in March

The first half of March can be pretty cool, like in the winter months. In the second half of March, the temperature can increase quite sharply and the air warms up to + 18-20 ° C. Rains during this period are relatively rare and short but the sea is still cold.

Best places to visit in Greece in April

featured photo main 800x431 - BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN GREECE
Karpenissi is one of the best places to visit in Greece in April

April is my favorite month! Not only because it’s my birthday month XOXO but also because Easter is most often celebrated in April and it is the lightest and most important holiday in Greece. During the Easter week, wherever you go, even to the smallest island, there will be an atmosphere of fun and feast.

If you decide to celebrate Easter in Greece, then I advise you to consider the island of Corfu, where the most famous festivities, take place. The tradition of throwing clay vessels out of a window, as getting rid of old troubles, originates from Corfu island and all the locals with tourists gather on the main square of Corfu town to watch this action and take part themselves.

During April, it is very pleasant to visit traditional Greek mountain villages. One of them is the town of Karpenissi, which we call “Greek Switzerland” and consider it one of the most beautiful places in the mainland of Greece, which even received the title of “the most environmentally friendly district in Europe”. Karpenissi is located on the southern slope of Mount Veluhi, surrounded by fragrant spruce forest, chestnut alleys, and pine groves and it’s like a real paradise.

Weather in Greece in April

Сuriously enough, the weather in April depends on Easter. If Easter is early, we start the swimming season from the end of April, and if it’s late, the sea still can be cold. The average daily temperature in April in Greece is +20 ° C, and by the end of the month, it becomes even warmer. The situation with night temperature is similar – it is +12 ° C … +14 ° C.

Best places to visit in Greece in May

athenian riviera 1 - BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN GREECE
Athenian Riviera – one of the best places to visit in Greece in May

May is a wonderful month to explore the history of ancient Greece, so a visit to Athens this month is the best. Keep in mind, that from Athens you can go to one or two-days trips, such as Delphi, Meteora, Argolida, Olympia and this is especially nice to do under the rays of the spring sun.

Most often, from May the swimming season begins. The Athenian Riviera and the islands of the Saronic Gulf fit best to visit, where the sea warms up first. At the end of May, you can also visit such famous islands as Mykonos and Santorini. Although the sea will not please you with warm waters yet, you can easily stroll through the islands while they still not filled with crowds of tourists and extremely high prices on accommodation and meals.

Weather in Greece in May

In May, Greece is most suitable for long walks and excursions. Hiking, picnics, strolls are incredibly easy, since the real summer heat not yet arrived. Each new day pleases with a clear sky and mild weather without temperature maximums. The average daily air temperature does not exceed 24 degrees, and the water can be reached a comfortable +20. It can be pretty cool in the evening, so a light jacket is always welcome.

Best places to visit in Greece in the summer

Summer in Greece

Summer is the busiest season in Greece and this is no accident since no other destination has such a large number of beautiful islands. Most likely, even a lifetime may not be enough to visit all Greek islands, because there are more than three hundred of them.

In addition to the islands, the Peloponnese peninsula is famous for its beautiful bays with emerald waters and the Halkidiki region in Northern Greece pleases tourists with golden beaches and famous resorts.

Best places to visit in Greece in June

Hydra island – one of the best places to visit in Greece in June

June, although the first month of summer, is sometimes could be a bit rainy and cool in the evenings. One of the best options in June is to visit the islands of the Saronic Gulf. There are practically no waves and the sea warms up better since it is a gulf, and I also like the atmosphere on these small but such cozy islands.

The small island of Agistri, surrounded by greenery; the island of Poros, famous for lemon groves; the island of Hydra, where the only transport is donkeys; the aristocratic island of Spetses; the largest island of Aegina, known for its pistachios and the monastery of St. Nectarios – all these islands are famous for their hospitality, sandy beaches with clear waters, secluded bays and delicious Greek cuisine.

Weather in Greece in June

June is a rather peculiar month. In the middle of the day the air temperature can reach +30 ° С and the sea warms up to + 22 ° С. Sometimes June is quite rainy and if you visiting the islands it is better to bring a light jacket with you for evening walks.

Best places to visit in Greece in July

Rhodes island is one of the best places to visit in Greece in July

July is a great time to visit the main Greek islands. It can be pretty difficult to choose only one island for holidays, so island hopping is very popular. Mostly, it is convenient to travel between the islands by ferry, although there are airports on many of them.

One of the most famous island groups is the Cyclades, such as Mykonos and Santorini. The Dodecanese islands, (Rhodes, Kos), are famous for their turquoise waters and wide sandy beaches. The North Aegean islands, such as Lemnos and Thassos, are famous for relaxing vacations and eco-tourism. The Sporades (Skopelos, Skiathos) are some of the greenest islands in the northwest Aegean sea. And, of course, the Ionian islands (Zakynthos, Corfu), green paradises with a patterned coastline, golden beaches, and timeless beauty. The peninsula of Halkidiki in northern Greece is also perfect for family holidays in July. 

Weather in Greece in July

In July it gets hotter, especially in the central cities, where indicators of +40 ° С are often observed. The water warms up to + 26 ° С. The average daily temperatures on the islands are +31 … + 33 ° С, which is perfect for beach holidays.

Best places to visit in Greece in August

Serifos island is one of the best places to visit in Greece in August

August is not only the hottest month in Greece but also the busiest. After all, tons of tourists are visiting Greece, and the locals themselves prefer to spend their summer holidays in August. A visit to the most famous islands is better to plan on another month other than August. Beaches will definitely be way packed, and there won’t be enough sunbeds, or free tables in restaurants, and the narrow streets of the popular islands, will be overcrowded.

In August, it is best to visit fewer tourists, but no less beautiful places in Greece. The Mani Peninsula of the Peloponnese will conquer you with its medieval buildings and the unprecedented beauty of the Ionian Sea.

At the peak of the summer season, fewer tourist islands, such as Serifos, Sifnos, Amorgos, Tinos, Paxos, and many others, can be more suitable for your wonderful holidays in Greece. You will not believe how many beautiful beaches you can enjoy on these islands, their unspoiled nature, delicious cuisine, friendly locals and a peaceful pace of life.

Weather in Greece in August

Hot! Hot! Hot! The weather in Greece in August is very hot, the temperature often reaches up to +38 … + 44 ° С. Low humidity and the sea breeze blowing on the coast somehow soften the heat, so you can escape from hot weather in Greece only on the islands. The water warms up to + 27 ° C, and you can swim both day and night.

Best places to visit in Greece in the Autumn

Autumn in Greece

Autumn in Greece is the second summer. Yes, yes, very often the first half of autumn is quite hot, and the second half is pleasantly warm. Autumn is a great time to visit the islands, or take a walk in the mountain villages, explore central and northern Greece by car, or go on excursion tours from Athens.

Recently, more and more tourists prefer to come to Greece during the fall season. This is primarily due that the swimming season lasts until the beginning of winter and prices are much lower than in the summer. The best part is that it does not rain often in autumn in Greece, so you can enjoy your vacations in full.

Best places to visit in Greece in September

Skopelos island is one of the best places to visit in Greece in September

Personally, September is my favorite month for visiting the islands. The sea is pleasantly warm, the sun is not so burning, and there are fewer tourists everywhere. During this period you can visit the Sporades Islands (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos) of the Aegean Sea – real green oases with pine groves. By the way, here the famous movie – musical Mamma Mia was shot.

The second part of September is also very comfortable for excursion programs and tours from Athens and Thessaloniki. In the first half of the day, you can visit archaeological sites, and on warm evenings take a walk along the embankment of the Athenian Riviera or the northern capital of Greece – Thessaloniki.

Weather in Greece in September

September is considered a more comfortable period for a vacation in Greece than August or July. From the first weeks of autumn, the temperature drops up to + 25-27 ° C, the sea still + 24-25 ° C. At this time, rains are very rare in Greece, and the days are mostly windless. By the end of the month, the number of tourists is noticeably reduced, especially in the northern and central parts of Greece, and evenings are getting cooler, so a light jacket will be very useful.

Best places to visit in Greece in October

Makrinitsa village is one of the best places to visit in Greece in October

I recommend a visit to Greece in October, if you are quite difficult to endure the summer heat and stuffiness. You can comfortably enjoy bus excursions, hike around or just stroll through colorful towns, which, combined with amazing sea views, create a unique holiday atmosphere.

If you want to visit a real Greek autumn fairytale, go to the mountains. Mount Pelion is one of the most beautiful places in Greece, at the foot of which lies the main city of Volos, which is famous for its taverns with the most delicious meze and tsipouro. But the most magical are the villages of Portaria and Makrinitsa, amphitheater shaped with fascinating panoramic views of the mountains, Volos and the bay. The babbling brooks, the beautiful mountains painted in yellow and red colors, little secret paths and cozy taverns with home-made dishes, all these are waiting for you here during the fall season.

Weather in Greece in October

The first month of autumn is behind, but the swimming season does not end in Greece. In October, there is a pleasant autumn coolness in the air with maximum temperatures of + 24-26 ° C, but warm and clear weather remains in the cities and on the coast.

In the north of Greece in October there may be short rains, bringing with it a temporary cooling, and in the south of Greece and islands, until the beginning of November, the sunny sky and warm water remain. The last days of October can bring cold and light rain. Therefore, you should definitely take with you a light jacket and waterproof shoes and an umbrella.

Best places to visit in Greece in November

Epirus one of the best places to visit in Greece in November

In November, it gets pretty cold, rains more often, and the swimming season is closed, therefore during this month, it is best to explore central mainland Greece. One of the regions that you will definitely like is Epirus in northwestern Greece. High mountains with dense forests and wild majestic landscapes in one part of the region and the beautiful beaches of the Ionian Sea and rivers with crystal clear water in the other part, create fabulous images.

Arta is a historical but at the same time modern, vibrant city. Here, you will see the famous bridge and unique beauties. Ioannina will charm you. The legendary lake, the castle in the city, and acquaintance with Zagorohori will enchant you and fill your memories with amazing pictures.

Weather in Greece in November

The rapid deterioration of weather conditions almost throughout Greece is due to a cyclone, which brings significant cooling up to +18 ° C, drizzling rains and showers with strong wind, gray low sky, and stormy sea. Of course, at the end of autumn, there are periods of sunny weather, but they are quite short-lived. For several days of clear weather, the sea does not warm up above +15 ° C.

What month would you like to visit Greece?


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