Best Poros beaches

The Best Poros Beaches To Visit

If you think that the small islands of Greece are inferior in beauty and purity to large ones, then you are very mistaken and I will prove it to you on the example of the island of Poros. Here you will find my travel guide to the best Poros beaches to visit during your unforgettable Greek holidays on this charming island.

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Poros Island, Greece

Poros is an island surrounded by greenery and very beautiful. It is located in the southwestern part of the Saronic Gulf off the coast of the Peloponnese Peninsula and divided by the canal into two parts: the smaller – Sphere (with the main city), and the larger – Kalavria (where I stayed during my holidays).

Poros is considered the island of the sea god Poseidon. Evidence of this can be found in written sources, as well as the ruins of the temple of Poseidon in the middle of the island. Anyone who has visited Poros once will surely return later, finding here everything that only his heart desires! Are you ready to explore the best Poros beaches? Let’s go!

TOP Poros Beaches

#1 Askeli Beach

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Askeli beach

Askeli is the island’s busiest and longest beach with golden sand and deep clear waters. It was the first beach that we visited on the first day of our vacation. It has well-developed infrastructure: a volleyball court, bars, hotels, shops, watersports. The beach is also ideal for children, with pure and shallow water.

#2 Love Bay

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Love Bay

Love Bay is the most romantic and beautiful beach on the island of Poros. It is surrounded by a pine forest and strewn with clean sand mixed with pebbles. There are always a lot of tourists who want to relax in this idyllic bay, so it is better to come here early. On the beach there is a bar where you can have a snack and a cooling cocktail.

#3 Russian Bay

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Russian Bay

Russian Bay is not just a bay with clear waters and soft sand, but also a historically significant place. Russian troops arrived here to help the Greeks in the struggle against Ottoman rule. The bay is protected from winds and is considered one of the most serene beaches of Poros. A quiet bay is located 5 km from the capital.

#4 Mikro Neorio

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Mikro Neorio

Mikro Neorio is another small bay with clear waters, located 2 km from Poros town. This place, like Love Bay, is surrounded by pine trees. Here you will find several hotels to stay and taverns where you can taste the fresh fish.

#5 Kanali Beach

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Kanali Beach

The beautiful sandy beach of Kanali is known not only for its cleanliness, but also for its comfort. Here you can have a great day at the seaside, and in the evening – dine in one of the local fish taverns.

Of course, on Poros island, you will find several more beautiful beaches and bays. Despite the small size of the island, Poros is an excellent destination for a beach holiday with sandy beaches, developed infrastructure, a clean and warm sea.

Have you ever visited Poros Island in Greece? If, YES! I would like to know your favorite beach in Poros where you can spend the whole day 🙂

How To Get To Poros Island Greece

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ferry to Poros

Poros is very easy and quick to reach from the main port of Athens. There are two types of ferries: fast (1 hour and 15 minutes) and slow (2 hours and 45 minutes). Tickets can be booked online in advance. I also advise you to check out my guide to travel by ferry in Greece.


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