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Modern Dubai is called a phenomenon city. For many years, it is the fourth most visited city in the world. Tourists are attracted by a cloudless sky, snow-white and golden beaches with a gentle entrance to the warm sea, an incredibly high level of service, a huge selection of goods in stores, and a big amount of entertainment for adults and children. What is the best time to visit Dubai? Neha Singh, a travel blogger, and author of one of the most famous blogs about Dubai, dubaiwikia.com, will help us in this matter.

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the best time to visit Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Be it a short stopover, a business trip, romantic interlude, or a long family holiday, Dubai entices its visitors with its luxe aura and spoils them with countless choices in attractions. However, there is a slight downside when it comes to visiting Dubai; the weather can play a spoiled sport at times. Being a desert land, the soaring temperatures and scorching sun can become unfavorable during a certain time of the year. Dubai has only two seasons – summer and winter, of which winter is just a slightly colder summer. So? Does that mean that Dubai can be enjoyed only for a few months in a year because of its climate? Not necessarily. Read on to know when the best time to visit Dubai is. We give you a month-by-month detail on what to expect in Dubai.

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The best time to visit Dubai


This is the coldest month in Dubai. The temperature drops to an average of 18-degree Celcius and there is plenty of sunshine during day time. Visitors pour into Dubai before New Year to catch the glitzy New Year celebration of Dubai held on the eve of 31 December. So naturally, many love to start their brand New Year in Dubai.  The weather is extremely pleasant and is ideal for Dubai sightseeing and outdoor adventures.


February is the wettest month in Dubai. However, there isn’t heavy rainfall as such, but if you are not a fan of rains, then it is best to avoid traveling to Dubai in February. Nevertheless, Dubai hosts interesting fests and events during the month of February. Food lovers can treat their taste buds with some lip-smacking delicacies at the Dubai Food Festival. Dubai also celebrates Chines New Year at various locations.  You can catch Luxury Yachts cruising in Dubai Canal during the Dubai International Boat Show.


March is springtime in Dubai. However, there can be slight showers, so keep an umbrella handy. The weather can also get windy and there are bouts of sand storms during this month. If you are in Dubai during March, don’t miss the Dubai Miracle Garden as it is absolutely wonderful to visit at this time of the year.

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April is fairly pleasant but summer makes its presence felt towards the end of the month. The temperature steadily rises throughout the month and you can feel the stifling heat as April ends. The holy month of Ramadhan falls in April so there will also be a lot of customs to follow when you visit Dubai in April. However, it is the time when you get an insight into the cultural aspect of Dubai.


May is hot and humid in Dubai, but it is festive time here, and everyone gears up to celebrate Eid Al Fitr. If you are a foodie, then you will have a great time in Dubai during May.

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Desert safari in Dubai

June, July, and August

June and July are scorching hot in Dubai. It is best to avoid traveling to Dubai in these months. However, if you are in Dubai for a visit, business or leisure, malls, and indoor amusement parks are recommended places to visit to escape the heat. The hottest and driest month in Dubai; the temperature can spike up to above 40 degrees Celsius. It is best to avoid travelling to Dubai in August. However, if you are in Dubai during August, there are plenty of indoor activities that you can enjoy. Head to IMG Worlds of Adventure which happens to be the largest indoor theme park in the world. There are Ski Dubai, VR Park and awesome shopping malls that you can check out in August. Dubai has some amazing waterparks where you can chill out and escape the heat. With these recreational areas being climate-controlled, it will be quite pleasant to visit.

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It is still quite hot in September, but it is bearable. It is also the low season, hence airfares, accommodations, tours, and transportation cost less. Even events and festivals are reasonably priced. So you can take advantage of the low costs and plan for a budget-friendly Dubai holiday. Still, do make sure that you do not spend long hours outdoors and focus your trip on leisure in exquisite hotels and indoor recreational areas.

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Dubai summer finally ends and winter creeps in. There is a slight change in temperature and you can feel the weather finally cooling down than in previous months. Dubai gears up for some Indian festivals during the month of October, so don’t miss the vibrant ambiance and lively events during this month.


November is a very pleasant time to visit Dubai. It is also considered to be the cheaper month to travel to Dubai before the onset of peak season months of December and January. You can find attractions, hotels, and shopping malls gearing up for the holiday season. This is a very preferable time to go on outdoor adventures like Desert Safari Dubai and water sport adventures. There are also plenty of outdoor sports events, alfresco fine dining venues, music concerts and live performances showcased in Dubai during November. So if you don’t want to spend much money but want to feel the festive flair and enjoy great weather, then November is the perfect month for you to visit Dubai.


Considered as peak season month as travelers flock for short stopovers and take a break before they fly to other destinations. The Dubai Shopping Festival is all set to unravel during Dubai and extends into the New Year which also allures loads of tourists. New Year’s Eve is one of the most visited events in Dubai and hence Dubai can seem all lively, vibrant, and congested during the month of December.

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So what is the best time to visit Dubai?

In summary, the best time to visit Dubai is from November to March when the temperature dips and the ambiance is pleasant for outdoor activities. Nevertheless, if you are visiting in other months, there are still loads of events, attractions, and festivals to keep you entertained and have a great time in Dubai.

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