the best vacation spots in Greece

The best vacation spots in Greece

We still have winter ahead, and I’m already dreaming of my summer vacation. If you are just like me and started looking for the best vacation spots in Greece, I have the “hottest” ideas for you where and how to spend your holidays. Summer is on the way…

Why vacations in Greece?

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the best vacation spots in Greece

Greece has everything, and it shouldn’t envy any other country in the world. No one will argue with this statement. I can only clarify that there is something for everyone during your wonderful holidays here. Greece vacations are always unique, as you could combine historical sights with picturesque nature walks, or enjoy the original culture and mouth-watering dishes all in one trip.

Beach vacations in Greece are the best remedy if you are looking for the real meaning of relaxation. You will be overlooking the Greek blue sunny skies, swimming in the clearest waters, enjoying tasty dishes, and drinking the famous Greek wines.

Thanks to its rich history, Greece becomes a great spot for educational and informative excursions. Here you will find everything from numerous historical monuments with neoclassical builds to a romantic dinner under the stars.

So, where are the best vacation spots in Greece?

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Mykonos is an island surrounded by nature and one of the most fashionable and bohemian resorts in the world. If you are looking for the best beach vacation destination, Mykonos is what you need. The island has a huge number of sandy beaches, most of them located on the south coast, best protected from the wind. Local lifestyle: low rocky hills, windmills, snow-white houses, and narrow streets, sandy beaches, fancy parties, and the azure sea.

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Santorini is one of the most romantic and memorable vacation spots in Greece. This island is unique and different from all of Greece: graceful, fabulously beautiful, aristocratic, although at the same time very cozy. Holidays in Santorini, surrounded by volcanic landscapes, amazingly blue sea, beaches with colorful sand and postcard houses with snow-white facades, are truly serene. Tourists come here to enjoy the sunsets, restore inner harmony lost in eternal haste and vanity.

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Crete is the largest and most southern island of Greece, lying between Africa and Europe. Every year it is one of the most popular destinations in Greece for leisure type holidays. Crete meets the expectations of all tourists – both those who dream of a quiet, relaxing holiday and those who dream of glamorous vacation.

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Athens is not just a metropolitan city but the birthplace of Western civilization. It is the best vacation spot for those who want to explore all the main historical gems of Greece, neoclassical buildings and numerous museums. Athens is a real paradise for tourists. The developed hotel infrastructure, many cultural and entertainment centers and countless historical attractions create ideal conditions for your unforgettable vacation in Greece.

Are you looking for something special? Find your ideal vacation spot among Greek Luxury Hotels and Villas.

How to plan vacations in Greece?

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How to plan vacations in Greece

Like I always say, plan all your holidays in advance, and this will help you to choose exactly what you dreamed about. My advice is to try to combine several vacation spots during your stay in Greece.

The best vacation combinations:

  • Athens (2 nights), Mykonos (2 nights), Santorini (2 nights) and Athens (1 night)
  • Athens (2 nights), Mykonos (3 nights), Santorini (3 nights), and Crete (2 nights)
  • Mykonos (2 nights) and Santorini (2 nights)

Are you ready to spend your best vacation in Greece? Then, entrust your choice to professionals. Check the best Greece vacation packages, which include not only accommodation suggestions but also transfers, excursions, and 24/7 support. Antelope Travel, by personal experience, is the most trustable luxury travel agency in Greece that will make your vacation truly unforgettable.


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Hi, I am Katerina, a multinational girl who currently lives in Athens, Greece. From a very young age, I can remember myself involved and surround by tourist activities, and it became a passion of my life.


  • Samina

    Wow. I want to visit Greece next year for the first time. So these blogs are super informative! Can I ask, what is the cheapest Greek island to visit? I see many direct flights don’t go to them. But we are looking for a holiday on a budget, not necessarily too touristy. But really nice! Thanks.

    • Limitlesstravelling_withK

      Hi, Samina ?In fact, many Greek islands are quite affordable, as you can always rent apartments, lunch/dinner in taverns is not very expensive and most of them have public transport. Of course, the less island “popular in the social media”, the cheaper it is and I love such islands a lot! My favorite islands near Athens (a ferry ticket will not be expensive) are Poros and Agistri. Sandy beaches, lots of greenery, delicious local cuisine and affordable accommodation. If you want to visit one of the Cyclades islands, pay attention to Serifos and Sifnos – they are magnificent and no less beautiful than their famous sister-islands Mykonos and Santorini, but much cheaper. By the way, once I visited Santorini on a budget in June. My friends and I booked apartments by the sea, which were quite cheap, and taverns were also very affordable. For example, staying on the caldera side with a view could be almost 10 times more expensive?. Anyway, we have more than 70 islands to visit, so there is always a choice. The large islands, such as Crete, Corfu, and Rhodes, are also suitable for holidays on a budget, but the bad thing is that tickets for a ferry or airplane from Athens are not the cheapest.

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