best greek islands to visit from Athens

5 Best Greek Islands to visit from Athens

Yippee! The summer season has finally opened up in Greece, which means it’s time to plan your dreamy Greek vacation around the islands. If you haven’t decided which islands you want to visit yet, then I have 5 great ideas for the best Greek islands to visit from Athens!

Don’t know what to choose? You can easily combine a visit to several Greek islands during your vacation in Greece, thanks to the excellent ferry connection between them.

Most likely you will arrive at the international airport of Athens from where your vacation in Greece will begin. There are two options. You can book a connecting flight from Athens airport to one of the islands or relax for a couple of days in Athens and then get the ferry to the islands.

Top 5 Best Greek Islands to Visit from Athens

#1 Santorini

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Santorini island

Santorini is one of the most romantic and attractive destinations to spend your holidays. This year you have the opportunity to enjoy your vacation on the island without crowds of tourists and this makes Santorini even more alluring to visit.

Locals consider Santorini the “Greek pearl”. Historians and philosophers claim that Santorini could be the “Lost Atlantis,” which remains a mystery of history. Undoubtedly, the island is very beautiful and mysterious. Fira and Oia are two of the most fabulously beautiful cities in the world located on the top of the crater of the volcano. What will catch your attention here is a picturesque view of the snow-white city of Fira, which opens from the sea. Just imagine this picture: the blue domes of the churches are illuminated by the rays of the sun, and tiny houses and luxury hotels in exclusively white and blue tones are randomly located on the side of a cliff. By the way, traditional transport on the island is a donkey.

#2 Mykonos

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Mykonos island

Mykonos is no less popular holiday destination than Santorini. Here you will find the endless sandy beaches, bohemian life, and non-stop parties.

The capital of the island – Chora is a stunningly picturesque Cycladic city with labyrinths of small streets and snowy alleys, houses, and churches surrounding the harbor. Despite the fact that here there are a lot of shops, boutiques, art galleries, cafes, stylish bars, and restaurants, the capital has not lost its identity. Also, Mykonos is famous for the large number of gorgeous beaches that receive the EU blue flag every year – the highest award for cleanliness and environmental friendliness. The beaches of Mykonos are covered mainly with pebbles or sand. The best of them are those located on the south coast – less windy part of the island.

#3 Crete

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Crete island

Lying between Africa and Europe, Crete is the largest and most southern island of Greece. Crete meets the expectations of all tourists – both those who dream of a quiet, relaxing holiday and those who dream of glamorous vacation.

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The best beaches and resorts of Crete are located on the north coast. There is more greenery, and the climate is milder – unlike the sultry southern coast. One of the most famous resorts in Crete is the romantic Chania with wide sandy beaches. Luxurious yachts are anchored in her harbor, and local fishermen are dry nets nearby. The small fishing village of Bali, famous for its sandy coves of stunning beauty, is ideal for a secluded and family holiday. European beau monde and Hollywood stars prefer Elounda – the most fashionable resort of Crete with golf courses, expensive spas, helipads, and amazing views of the Mirabello Bay.


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Paros island

Paros, the third-largest island of the Cyclades in Greece, in recent years has turned into a modern tourist center. The southern half of the island, which was always uninhabited, is now intensively built up with tourist facilities.

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The Azure Sea, the Cycladic white houses, fish taverns, and busy nightlife attract tourists from all over the world. Paros, despite its size, is able to offer a whole kaleidoscope of attractions for a rich and unforgettable summer vacation. I recommend starting your vacation in Paros with a visit to Naoussa – one of the most beautiful corners of the island with narrow streets starting from the port, and small snow-white churches with blue-domed roofs.


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Naxos island

Naxos is the largest tourist island in the Cycladic group with high mountain peaks, medieval castles, Byzantine churches and spacious sandy beaches.

Recently, the island has experienced a real touristic “boom” – thousands of tourists visit Naxos to relax, try local cheese and wine, look at the mines where marble is mined, and taste the local citrus liqueur based on citron. On Naxos, you will find excellent sandy beaches with taverns, bars, and other amenities, such as Agios Georgios beach, which, incidentally, is very small and perfect for families with children.

If you want to make your holidays in Greece more exciting and unforgettable, combine a visit to several islands with or without Athens. The best Greek Islands Vacation itineraries are:

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The Ultimate Athens - 5 Best Greek Islands to visit from Athens
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