best home exercise equipment for weight loss

10 Best Home Exercise Equipment For Weight Loss

After the quarantine, many of my friends are complaining that they have gained weight because of sitting all day at home. I hope you’re not throwing stones at me now, but during quarantine, I LOST a few POUNDS! Overall, 2020 brought new trends in the industry of health and fitness, and more and more people prefer to train at home instead of the gym. Therefore I decided to share with you my 10 Best Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss, which I use daily!

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morning walk with Clooney boy

My day starts at 8 o’clock in the morning with a light breakfast and two cups of herbal tea. After that, I go for a walk with my Clooney boy during which we also do jogging for a bit. It’s kinda like a warm-up for me.

When I return home, I go out to the balcony ( turn on my favorite music), which has become a real home gym for me with all necessary types of equipment for my daily training and weight loss. My home workout lasts approximately 40 minutes and I try to change them every day. For example, today I have a full-body workout, tomorrow is leg day, the day after tomorrow’s hands and abs and so on.

Don’t forget that to lose weight you need the right balance between cardio and weight training, recovery, and stretching workouts. Plus, proper nutrition and positive vibes. So, are you ready to check out the best overall exercise equipment for home to get in shape?

10 Best Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss

#1 Yoga/Gym Mat

upward dog yoga pose - 10 Best Home Exercise Equipment For Weight Loss
Yoga Mat

Fitness and yoga lovers can not do any program without a yoga mat at home. It is more convenient and pleasant to do your workout on it than on the floor or carpet. On the yoga mat, it is impossible to damage the skin during an intense workout, which can not be said about an ordinary carpet. For my training and stretching, I chose a pink yoga mat. What is your favorite color?

#2 Dumbbells

dumbbells and gym shoes - 10 Best Home Exercise Equipment For Weight Loss

Dumbbells are a miniature fitness room at home. By taking up very little space, dumbbells really replace the whole gym. A variety of exercises performed with dumbbells allows you to develop or maintain any muscle in the body in tone and lose weight fast and safe. The best option is to get dumbbells set for different exercises.

#3 Barbell Set With The Bar

victor freitas Yuv iwByVRQ unsplash - 10 Best Home Exercise Equipment For Weight Loss
Barbell set with the bar

For home workouts, the barbell set with the bar is the perfect home exercise equipment for weight loss. You can buy a bar with a smallholder, then it will be much more compact to store it. Pros: the barbell pumps all kinds of muscles and is a universal sports equipment; the weight can be adjusted; the barbell can replace some home fitness equipment.

#4 Step Platform

AerobicStepPlatform - 10 Best Home Exercise Equipment For Weight Loss
Step Platform

The step platform provides excellent opportunities for interval aerobic training and cardio workouts. With its help, you can do step aerobics without leaving your home. It is better to get a step platform, the height of which can be adjusted.

#5 Exercise/Fit Ball

s1200 - 10 Best Home Exercise Equipment For Weight Loss
Exercise ball

In recent years, an exercise ball or fit ball has gained great popularity. An exercise ball will be indispensable in calm and safe fitness, as it allows you to train even in the process of rehabilitation. It trains flexibility, coordination of movements, and helps to acquire a beautiful posture. Exercise balls also have fun and vibrant colors.

#6 Tube Band

1 - 10 Best Home Exercise Equipment For Weight Loss
Resistance bands set

This is an indispensable tool for pumping the muscles of the upper body. It helps to remove sagging hands, tightens the abs, strengthens the muscles of the chest and back. With the help of the tube band, you can improve posture and help strengthen the spine. I got the resistance bands set and just love them !

#7 Ankle Straps

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Fitness ankle straps

If you have been training for a long time and want to give your muscles an extra load, then ankle straps are exactly what you need. They help complicate strength and aerobic training, work out the problem area and you can choose the right weight. I use fitness ankle straps during my glute workouts, leg extensions, curls, and hip abductors.

#8 Jump/Skipping Rope

pryzhki na skakalke dlya pohudeniya - 10 Best Home Exercise Equipment For Weight Loss
Jump Rope

A jump rope is excellent for cardio training. With the help of the jump rope, you can pump your legs and abs well, get a good posture, improve coordination of leg movements and synchronization of legs and arms. In addition, it is one of the best and cheapest home exercise equipment for weight loss. My favorite jump rope has a digital weight calorie setting, so I always know how my training went.

#9 Training Bench

gym exercise bench - 10 Best Home Exercise Equipment For Weight Loss
Training bench

With the help of such a device, it is easy to pump beautiful abs at home. Also, a bench is very helpful for training with dumbbells and a bar. With an increase in the angle of inclination of the bench, you can increase the amplitude of movements and the load on different muscles of the press and back. My training bench takes up a little space, but it’s worth it.

#10 Ab Roller

images - 10 Best Home Exercise Equipment For Weight Loss
Ab Roller

The ab roller will help you to complicate the training for pumping the abs, it helps to burn belly fat and strengthens the muscles of the back. It is quite economical home exercise equipment and takes up little space. I got my ab roller for less than 20$.

What is your favorite home exercise equipment for weight loss? I am curious to know 🙂


The Ultimate Athens - 10 Best Home Exercise Equipment For Weight Loss
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