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How to have an amazing trip in Latvia on a budget.

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Latvia is a country with many interesting places that are popular among tourists. Few people know about all the resorts in Latvia that will leave only the best memories. In this article, you will find out which city or place you can go to for a wonderful holiday in Latvia on a budget.

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Latvia On A Budget

Latvia became officially a European country in 2004. It means that this country has a high level of economic, development, life, and tourism. Every year the number of people visiting Latvia is growing.

The official currency in Latvia is the euro. But despite this, the prices for food and accommodation are not expensive. Tourists can rent an apartment in Riga, have dinner in a restaurant and pay only about 30 euros per day for it all. People who visited Latvia confirmed the fact that in this country you can have a rest or even live there with a small income. And If you have the desire to live in Latvia, then you will need to get Latvian citizenship and then enjoy your life in this beautiful country.

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Latvia on a Budget: Helpful Tips & Advice

Where can you rent affordable accommodation?

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Accommodation in Latvia

If you have a limited amount of money to travel and you are looking for cheap accommodation then pay attention to hostels. Tourists often rent a room in a hostel with friends or live there with other tourists. The cost is about $12 per night and you will be in the very center of Riga, enjoying the beautiful view. Besides this, hostels are close to the local sights.

Using Vrbo or Hotelscombined you can find a room for $8. This is the cheapest price for accommodation. Well, if you love the comfort and are ready to pay for it, you can rent a room in a hostel and not share it with anyone. The cost of the whole room is about $24.

When is the best time to come for a vacation in Latvia on a budget?

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Winter in Latvia

Winter, summer, autumn, and spring…any time of the year is a great time to visit this country. It depends on your preference. If you like to relax in winter, then you should know that the winter in this country is cold and snowy. Daylight hours here are about 6 hours. But even during this time, you can fully see the beauty of winter Latvia on a budget.

And if you go there in the summer, then know that the days are very long. You will have the opportunity to relax on the shores of the Baltic Sea, meeting the sunrise and seeing off the sunset.

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What interesting places can you see in Latvia on a budget?

Visits to museums are offered for lovers of history. One of the most famous museums is the Latvian Occupation Museum. Latvia is a strong country with a difficult history. It survived the First World War, the Second World War, and the regime of the communist Soviet Union. Latvia was under occupation by different countries in general for about 500 years. In this museum, you can see evidence of the crimes that were committed against the people of Latvia. Entrance to the museum is free.

Turaida Stone Castle. This castle is surrounded by kilometers of forest and was built in 1214. Tourists pay attention to all the features of the architecture of that time. Next to the castle is the Turaida Church. It was built of wood in 1750. And near the church, there is the memorial place of Maya – Turaida Rose. The tragic story about the life of this girl enthralled people.

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Gauja National Park

Gauja National Park. The park with an area of ​​90 thousand hectares is one of the most popular places not only among tourists but also among residents. This is a place for lovers of a quiet and relaxing holiday. Everyone will remember this place for a long time. Fresh air, monuments, and picturesque landscapes attract a lot of people. Moreover, they can find various caves, rocks, and sandstones in this park.

There is the largest cave in the Baltics – Gutman’s Cave. The walk will be a really exciting adventure for you. The fare to the park and back is 12 euros. The price is not exactly cheap, but it’s worth it.

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In addition to museums and parks, Latvia is a country of sea resorts. Those people who prefer a beach holiday can enjoy the golden beaches of the Baltic coast. Resorts are very diverse. Many tourists go on vacation, attracting high-quality and low prices. In addition to relaxing on the beach, people can go on excursions and visit sights. Or they can just book a tour without extra activities. The cost of the trip is 100 euros. The tour includes accommodation and meals. Such resorts as Bulduri, Maiori, Dubulti, Dzintari, Jomas, Vaivari, Kemeri, and Jaunkemeri are always glad to see vacationers on their coasts and also invite new guests enjoy their holidays by the sea.

Where can you have an affordable meal?

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Latvian Food

There are many restaurants in Riga where tourists can have an inexpensive lunch, dinner, or supper.

Lido is the most popular place not only among tourists but also among locals. Visitors can watch their food being prepared there. Another place where they can have an inexpensive lunch is the Lage Kafejnica cafe. The first courses in this restaurant cost 1.5 euros.

There are also many kebab shops in Riga. There you can order pizza, and sandwiches and pay a small amount of money for a snack. There is no point in ordering a set meal. Tourists choose several dishes they want to try and thus save their money.

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Latvia is a country with many sights, unique places, and gourmet cuisine. And the most important thing for tourists is the inexpensive holiday in this country. People from all over the world can rent a house, dine in a restaurant and enjoy ancient castles or a beach holiday in Latvia on a budget.


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