The seaside resort of Loutraki is located at the foot of the mountains of Geraneia on the Gulf of Corinth. I have a special love for this town, and for the past eight years, I come here at least once a year for several days. A long time ago, I spent my first four months working here when I came to Greece, and therefore Loutraki is very dear to me.

Here you will find everything for an excellent holiday and to totally relax. So, let’s start🤗


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It is very easy to get to Loutraki from Athens. In my case, the trip by car took us about an hour and for tolls we paid 3,90 euros per way. You can rent a car in advance from Athens airport.

Another option is to take a local bus from Kifissos bus station in Athens to Loutraki and it costs 10 euros per way ( they have a small discount for round trip tickets).

You can also reach Loutraki directly from the Eleftherios Venizelos, the International Airport in Athens (if you arrive during the daytime). All you need is to get Bus X93 (6 euro ticket) to Kifissos bus station, and then you can catch the local bus mentioned above.


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Loutraki has a quite wide variety of hotels. These are mainly small city hotels 2*, 3* and 4* with a public beach. I always liked these hotels the most, especially if the hotel is on the waterfront and with a balcony overlooking the bay.

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For our stay this time we booked the Excelsior hotel near the main square. We had a standard room on the second floor with a Sea View. The room facilities were not so impressive, but I liked the big size of the room with bathroom. The hotel needs, of course, renovation, but for such a magnificent sea view from the balcony, you can forgive everything. The continental breakfast is served till 10:00 and you have the possibility to take breakfast in your room and enjoy it with a fantastic view, as we also did!

At a distance of only a few kilometers, there are several hotels with their own territory and private beaches. The hotel Pappas 3 * is a pretty hotel with excellent food and beach, also the sea view from the rooms is amazing.


Another big resort-hotel is the Poseidon Resort with green grass, a swimming pool, several restaurants, bars, children’s playroom, a tennis court, a gym, and more different facilities. Actually, there are two hotels on the same territory. The first is the Ramada Poseidon Resort 4* (mostly bungalows & main building) and the second hotel is the Wyndham Poseidon Resort (mostly villas, some with swimming pools).


If you are a gambler, the Hotel Club Casino Loutraki will suit you perfectly. On the ground floor, there is a Casino and from the first and upper floor, there are rooms with sea or mountain views. The hotel also has an endless swimming pool and private beach area, as well as a SPA, shops, and several restaurants.

In the last few years, a large number of apartments and luxury villas for rent have appeared in Loutraki. Therefore, it is comfortable to stay for big companies or for families with children.


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On the first day, we decided to sleep a bit longer and missed breakfast at the hotel, so we went in search of a cafe serving breakfast. I have been a long time attracted to a trendy cafe FNK MNK BAR located on the seaside, which has modern interior designs, my favorite type of places. So, we decided to go there! The decor in the cafe is really cool, with wooden tables of intricate shapes and a pleasant atmosphere. They have a breakfast menu till 14:00 and a fantastic FNK MNK cappuccino that I tried.

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As a seaside town, Loutraki boasts numerous fish taverns, located on the seafront.  My favorite tavern is “O Giannis” near the park and overlooking the Gulf.  During our stay, we visited this place even twice.  Be sure to try the famous seafood mix.  The portion is for two, and it is so huge that it is more than enough for four people.  Do not forget to order the freshest Greek salad and starters.  My favorites are fava and salad from grilled eggplant.  Ouzo, the famous anisette is very well suited to seafood.  Dinner at sunset overlooking the sea just captures and the price will delight you too.

If you have a car with you, then make sure you visit the fish taverns located on the shore of the lake.  Their menu is simpler, but everything is always fresh and it is better to go for lunch before 16:00, since later many dishes may no longer be available.  You can combine lunch on the lake with sunbaths there.

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Taverna Panorama

Another impressive tavern called Panorama is just 5 minutes drive from Loutraki and is located at the foot of Mountain Geraneia.  The view of the Corinthian Gulf from here is simply breathtaking and you can forget the main purpose of visiting this restaurant…

If you prefer more secluded taverns, then there is a lost place in the mountains called – Pisia.  Not many tourists know about the tavern Platanos, but it is popular among the locals.  Tables are located in a cozy garden under the crowns of huge plane trees.  In the summer it is always fresh here and the hospitable hosts will delight you with authentic Greek cuisine.

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YOGO frozen yogurt

If you have a sweet tooth, then you are in the right place.  You will find many nice “sweet” spots in Loutraki.  My personal favorite is the YOGO FROZEN yogurt on the main street near the bus station.  It’s probably the best-frozen yogurt I have ever tried in my life!  They have several different flavors,  but I always prefer the classic.  Its milky taste and delicate texture are beyond words, believe me, if you try it once you will come here again, for sure. 

There are a lot of ice-cream shops in Loutraki also.  One of the best Greek ice-cream brands is Dodoni, you can find their shop on the seafront. 

Another ice-cream spot that I liked is Koukos cafe – the art of Gelato.  Try their “Greek islands” ice-cream with a taste of mastic, mandarines and some other fruits.  Just delicious and so special!

Do not forget to visit a cozy cafe Sweet Secret near the bus station.  You will find fresh and delicious Greek small donuts.  You should try it with Greek honey and an ice-cream ball on the top!

Be careful!  From Loutraki, you can definitely return with a couple of extra pounds ☺


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Loutraki is a beautiful and peaceful place to swim and sunbathe in the morning till afternoon and stroll along the beautiful promenade in the evening.  Families with children, couples or even companies of friends can have great holidays here.

So, let’s see what else you can do and see in Loutraki

Loutraki Thermal SPA
  • relax in Loutraki Thermal Spa.  This popular among Greece SPA consists of several swimming pools with thermal waters ( one outdoor), hammam, sauna, cabins for therapies and massage.  You can enjoy treatments separately or by course. They have budget-friendly prices and it is better to reserve the therapies in advance.
  • try your fortune in a casino.  Loutraki is also a popular place for gamblers.  Here you will find one of the largest casinos not only in Greece but also in Europe.  The casino itself is located in the hotel Club Casino Loutraki, at the end of the Loutraki promenade.  You can stay in this hotel or just visit a casino to play.  Don’t forget your ID, because admission is allowed to people over 21 years old.agios potapios 800x460 - LOUTRAKI - A SEASIDE RESORT WITH THERMAL SPRINGS
  • visit the Monastery of Agios Patapios.  Potapios performed many miracles: he healed from the plague, dropsy, and blindness.  The Holy Monastery is located only 16 km from Loutraki, but it is quite high, so you need a car to get there.  To the monastery of St. Potapios from the parking, it is necessary to overcome 144 steps but it’s worth to do as the terrace of the Monastery offers a magnificent panoramic view of the surroundings: the green slopes of the mountain, the blue sky, a series of red roofs and white houses below.  The main Church of the Monastery is the Holy Trinity Church, while the relics of St. Potapios rest in a cave, where they were hidden in order to prevent their desecration by the Turks.
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    Lake Vouliagmeni
  • swimming in lake Vouliagmeni.  Lake Vouliagmeni is located 16 km north-west of Loutraki, so you will need a car to get there.  This blue lagoon will immediately enchant you.  Can you imagine a blue clear lake surrounded by greenery and mountain scenery? Yes, it is a real small paradise.  Therefore, it is better to come here in the morning since there are not so many sunbeds and umbrellas, but they are for free.  It is also a great place for families with children, as the entry into the lake is shallow.  Don’t forget that there are several tasty taverns for lunch, so you can spend on the lake all day!
    The lighthouse
  • to explore the temple of the goddess Hera and the lighthouse at Cape Malagavi.  On the shore of a small cove are the excavations of the temple of Hera, that’s why the place is called the Heraion (of Perachora).  The place itself is very beautiful and interesting excavations, visible stone cistern and the base of the columns of the two temples.  Above the excavations, there is a small St. John’s Church.  Under the excavation is a small beach. The lighthouse is located near the temple.  Built in 1897, the stone lighthouse at Cape Malagavi impresses tourists no less than the view of the sea and the ancient archaeological monument that opens from it.
  • traveling through the Peloponnese by car.  Peloponnese is the real treasure of Greece. Here you will find all the main attractions and endless beaches with pure waters.  You can visit the famous Ancient Corinth, the Corinth Canal, the first capital of Greece – Nafplion, Ancient Mycenae and Epidaurus, medieval Monevassia and Mani, the third largest city in Greece – Patras, and St. Andrew’s Cathedral, and even get to the Olympia.                                                                             

You can also join numerous group or individual tours from Corinth and Loutraki.

  • dancing all night.  Even young people will not be bored in Loutraki, as there are several famous clubs located on the beach.  One of them –  Cocoon is famous for DJs and modern Greek singers performances.  Another one – Club Level 2 has nice modern music and you can dance all nice around their pool or near the beach.
    waterpark Splash
  • have fun in the water park.  A small water park is located near the Corinth Canal, where it will be interesting and fun for families with children.
  •  sail on the cruise boat through the Corinth Canal. Sailing through the canal, just breathtaking and one of the most memorable adventures.  Cruise boats can be found on the other side of the canal from the side of Corinth.IMG 20190602 115729 01 resized 20190617 115729847 800x726 - LOUTRAKI - A SEASIDE RESORT WITH THERMAL SPRINGS
  • shopping therapy.  On the main road of Loutraki, there are many boutique shops with Greeks brands and souvenirs. 

Loutraki is a famous thermal resort, but in addition to healing springs and beautiful beaches, it is also interesting for its historical sites.  This is a place I don’t get bored of coming back again and again.  Loutraki is a great destination for both summer and winter holidays.

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