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5 Reasons to Spend Your Best Honeymoon in Greece this Summer and Autumn

So far, the panic of the coronavirus has spread throughout the world. Tourists massively are canceling their hotels, flights, and tours. Airlines, hotels and tour operators are suffering huge losses. But life goes on… If you think that your Honeymoon may not take place, do not rush to cancel it! I have some amazing tips for your trip and 5 reasons why you should spend your Honeymoon in Greece this summer and autumn. I promise, your Honeymoon trip will be unforgettable and filled only with romantic and fabulous moments in Greece.

5 reasons to spend your best Greece Honeymoon this summer and autumn

Reason 1: Greece is one of the most romantic places in the world

romantic places greece - 5 Reasons to Spend Your Best Honeymoon in Greece this Summer and Autumn
Honeymoon in Greece

Yes, yes, yes! And don’t even dare to argue with me 🙂 Greece can boast so many beautiful islands with sandy beaches, emerald waters, quiet bays, luxury resorts, and delicious cuisines. Besides, this amazing country has a rich history and you can find archaeological sites almost everywhere.

Thanks to this, Greece has been among the five best Honeymoon destinations for several decades, and the famous island of Santorini tops the list of the most romantic places on the planet almost every year.

Greece is the perfect destination, combined with studying history while relaxing on the beach. One of the best Honeymoon itinerary in Greece is several days in Athens and a week of relaxation on one of the islands. If you don’t know which Greek island to choose for your Honeymoon, I have some great ideas in one of my posts, which you can check here – Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in Greece.

Reason 2: Greece has wonderful weather

weather - 5 Reasons to Spend Your Best Honeymoon in Greece this Summer and Autumn
beautiful weather in Greece

Rest assured that your Ηoneymoon in Greece will be cloudless, both literally and figuratively. Sunny days are guaranteed, and rains in summer and early autumn are very rare.

If you prefer heat and humidity but with warm sea and windless weather, July and August will be the best options for your Honeymoon. For more mild weather and still warm sea for your romantic trip it is better to choose autumn.

Do not forget that now everyone is expecting a small heatwave so that we can eliminate the coronavirus and it will stop harming our health and destroying our traveling plans. I am sure that your Honeymoon in Greece during this summer and autumn will not be overshadowed by anything.

Reason 3: You can grab the best “Greece Honeymoon packages” deals

santorini 1 - 5 Reasons to Spend Your Best Honeymoon in Greece this Summer and Autumn
Santorini Honeymoon package

This spring can be called one of the most chaotic tourist periods in Greece. Travel agencies, airlines, hotels, basically, the entire tourism sector suffered a lot, but everyone is looking forward to the summer season.

So, currently, you have the opportunity to book the most advantageous luxury “Greece Honeymoon” packages for summer and autumn. Many airlines have released special offers for flights this summer and autumn; hotels have extended “early booking” offers with an option to cancel.

If you are still in doubt whether or not to spend your Honeymoon in Greece, pay attention to the Honeymoon packages with a favorable cancellation policy and flex air tickets. I guarantee that your mood will definitely switch to happy, and everything will seem more optimistic as soon as you book your long-awaited Honeymoon trip.

Reason 4: Greece is the couple-oriented destination

honeymoon - 5 Reasons to Spend Your Best Honeymoon in Greece this Summer and Autumn
Greece Honeymoon

Ηoneymoon is the happiest time that the newlyweds want to devote to each other. This is your first vacation as a family and will probably become one of the most unforgettable memories in your life.

Therefore, many couples prefer to spend their Ηoneymoon on an island, and Greece is the perfect destination. Where else can you find so many beautiful islands like in Greece? Secluded bays, waterfront bungalows, villas with private pools, yacht sailing – all this awaits you here. Greece will offer you everything to make your Honeymoon trip not only romantic but also far from the hustle and bustle of other touristic destinations.

Let’s take as an example of the luxurious suites and villas on Santorini island with private jacuzzi and pools. Picture this – you with your other half, sitting in front of a stunning view of the caldera, sipping on Santorini’s sweet wine, enjoying your tasty Greek cuisine, then taking a stroll through the unbelievable black sand with crystal waters, talking about your future together. Isn’t this something you only dreamed of for your Honeymoon?

Reson 5 – Greece is a very hospitable country

hospitality - 5 Reasons to Spend Your Best Honeymoon in Greece this Summer and Autumn
Greek hospitality

Have you ever been to a place where you could say that you felt like home? I can tell you that, Greece, might be the first destination where you will feel comfortable, and also you will feel like home. This is a fact which many tourists feel about Greece. Your Honeymoon here will be very soulful.

In Greece, you can dine by candlelight in chic restaurants, tasting Mediterranean cuisine or enjoying home-cooked Greek cuisine in one of the cozy family taverns. Greeks are one of the most hospitable countries in the EU, so do not be surprised by a little familiarity from their part, just know they will treat you like you’ve been friends for years.

Many hotels are happy to provide some “surprise” presents to newlyweds such as fruit and wine basket, complimentary tours or even free room upgrade. Be sure, that during your Honeymoon in Greece only the smiles and positive energy of this sunny country will surround you.

What Honeymoon do you dream of?

Βook your dream Greece Honeymoon trip NOW.


What did you learn today  - 5 Reasons to Spend Your Best Honeymoon in Greece this Summer and Autumn

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