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7 Top Reasons To Visit Andros Island In Greece

If you are looking for where to spend your holidays in Greece this summer, I have for you the 7 Top reasons to visit Andros Island in Greece. It is not only an amazing and beautiful Greek island but also a safe and COVID-free travel destination. Travel Bloggers Greece has been invited to visit Andros Island by the Andros Cycladic Tourism Network – Explore Andros and we were lucky enough to visit the most beautiful places on the island, taste delicious local cuisine and stay in the impressive hotels and apartments.

The Main Reasons To Visit Andros Island In Greece

#1 It is very easy, fast and affordable to get from Athens to Andros

fast ferries 800x600 - 7 Top Reasons To Visit Andros Island In Greece
Fast Ferries from port Rafina to Andros Island Greece

The good news for all tourists is that Andros is close to Attica and Athens. If you want to travel to Andros island from Athens, please be aware that ferries only leave from the port of Rafina. Rafina port is close to Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. During the summer holiday season, there is a local bus from the airport to the port, but you can also take a taxi or rent a car from the airport and take it with you to Andros island.

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If you are staying in Athens before traveling to Andros, you can take the KTEL bus on Marvommateon Street in the city center, next to Pedion to Areos Park. The trip lasts from an hour to an hour and a half, depending on traffic.

Another option is to visit Andros from other Cyclades islands such as Mykonos, Tinos, Paros & Naxos. It is a good option to combine several beautiful islands while your vacation in Greece.

You can easily book your ticket HERE. Prices for Andros island are very affordable and the trip only lasts 2 hours. It is advisable to avoid returning from Andros on Sunday evening, as many Greeks return from the island after the weekend.

Be sure to check the required additional rules and documents on the ferries website. In our case, we had to make a self-test and submit a pre-boarding form.

#2 You Will Find Many Beachfront Hotels or Suites With Panoramic Views

The most popular areas to stay in Andros are Batsi and Chora, where our group stayed. Other areas you can stay in are Korthi, Gavrio, and Ormos. You will be delighted to know that there are many boutiques and excellent hotels, suites, and apartments in Andros Island with stunning views of the sea and the island.

alkyoni studios 800x600 - 7 Top Reasons To Visit Andros Island In Greece
My Apartment at Alkyoni Studios

I stayed very close to Chora Andros on a beach area at Alkyoni Studios. These high-class studios are just 20 meters from Neiborio Beach. I had studio # 7 with an unlimited sea view on the second floor. Also from my balcony, there was a fantastic view of the lighthouse and Chora.

camara suites 600x800 - 7 Top Reasons To Visit Andros Island In Greece
Balcony at Camara Suites

The other members of the group stayed at Camara Suites in the center of Chora. Just check out this view from the balcony of the suite. Isn’t it magical?

#3 You Will Enjoy 30 Beautiful and Unique Beaches

andros beach 800x600 - 7 Top Reasons To Visit Andros Island In Greece
Sineti Beach, Andros

The beaches of Andros are completely different. There are both organized and completely wild beaches. The most beautiful ones are located in hard-to-reach places. And although it was still cool to swim in May, we visited some of the most beautiful beaches.

Tis Grias to Pidima is the most popular and photographed beach in Andros, where many years ago an elderly woman jumped off a cliff to escape the Turks. This beach boasts unspoiled nature and natural charm.

Chrysi Ammos Beach is another beautiful and famous beach in Andros. It is a long organized beach with white sand and a beautiful sea. It is located near the tourist area of Batsi.

Ahla Beach is one of the most difficult to access and must-see beaches. It can be reached by boat or on an SUV. The beach is pebbly and wild, and the water is clear and crystal. Plane trees grow on the beach and there is a small church of St. Nicholas that you can visit.

#4 To See One Of The Most Famous Lighthouses In Europe

lighthouse 600x800 - 7 Top Reasons To Visit Andros Island In Greece
The Tourlitis Lighthouse

The lighthouse on the cliff looks like a fantastic painting and is one of the main attractions of the island of Andros, and it was also visible from the balcony of my room.

The Tourlitis Lighthouse, built in 1887, is the only lighthouse in Greece built on a rock, in the sea. It stands in front of the Venetian fortress – on the left side at the entrance to the harbor of the capital of the island of Andros.

In 1943, during the Second World War, it was destroyed by the Nazis, and in 1950, as part of the reconstruction of the country’s lighthouse network, it came into operation again. Today the height of the cylindrical tower is 7 meters and the height of the focal plane is 36 meters.

#5 You Are A Big Fun Of Hiking, Trekking and Outdoor Adventures

hiking 600x800 - 7 Top Reasons To Visit Andros Island In Greece
Hiking in Andros

Andros Island in Greece is one of the most popular hiking tourist destinations. There are more than 25 different hiking trails with a length of more than 300 km. We chose route number 8 and enjoyed a 2-hour hike among beautiful stone villages and nature. The trails run near the most significant architectural and historical monuments: monasteries, churches, and ancient settlements. Your journey will lead you through the inimitable natural beauty of the islands. The only recommendation is if you plan to visit Andros for hiking, then visit it during the fall or spring, as the summer is too hot for hiking.

For tourists who prefer active holidays, there are a lot of outdoor adventures in Andros. In summer, the north wind is quite strong, which creates excellent windsurfing opportunities. You can also go snorkeling or diving, explore the underwater world of the Cyclades archipelago. One of the largest diving centers on the island is “ScubAndros”. Check out more outdoor activities in Andros with Explore Andros and you will have the best outdoor alternatives and local experiences.

#6 Andros – a Gourmet Paradise

ta skalakia 600x800 - 7 Top Reasons To Visit Andros Island In Greece
Ta Skalakia Tavern

Andros is famous for both traditional taverns and gourmet restaurants by the sea. The island’s signature dish is Froutalia, an omelet with thinly sliced potato, spices, local sausages, and pork fat. There are many variations of this dish that are worth trying. The sweets from Andros are very popular too, such as the jam from pabiloni, a fragrant citrus fruit that grows exclusively on the island of Andros, and amygdalopita, simply almond pastry.

My favourite cafes, restaurants and taverns in Andros Island Greece:

fresco breakfast 600x800 - 7 Top Reasons To Visit Andros Island In Greece
Fresco Juice & Salad Bar

For breakfast. Our favourite breakfast spot in Andros is, for sure, Fresco Juice & Salad Bar in Chora. Iced coffee and salmon wraps were the best starts to our day.

oti kalo 450x800 - 7 Top Reasons To Visit Andros Island In Greece
Oti Kalo Restaurant

For lunch. “Oti Kalo” restaurant overlooking the port of Batsi. Enjoy seafood and Mediterranean cuisine with a great view and service.

sea satin nino 450x800 - 7 Top Reasons To Visit Andros Island In Greece
Sea Satin Nino Restaurant

For dinner. Traditional tavern “Ta Skalakia” with delicious homemade food in Chora, Andros. Be sure to try the potato casserole with local sausages. The charming “Sea Satin Nino” restaurant in Korthi. The chef will delight you with seafood dishes in a new way.

#7 Many Attractions, Museums and Monasteries That You Can Visit During Your Stay

Chora Andros 800x600 - 7 Top Reasons To Visit Andros Island In Greece
Chora, Andros Island

I recommend starting your acquaintance with the island of Andros from the Old Town of Andros – Chora. Here you will see a picture familiar to classic Greece: white houses with tiled roofs, cascading down to the sea. You can see the monument to the sailor and the ruins of an ancient fortress, as well as visit museums. The Archeological Museum is especially interesting.

Probably the most unusual museum is the Museum of the Cycladic Olive or Olive Oil. This is a small private institution, where the excursions are conducted personally by the owner. For fans of contemporary art, I recommend visiting the island’s Museum of Contemporary Art. The basis of the permanent exhibition is the personal collection of the Gulyandis couple and the work of Michael Tombros, a local sculptor. Be sure to visit the Andros Maritime Museum. The island has been a port center for many centuries, its inhabitants were famous as sailors and fishermen, and today the sea plays an important role in the life of the islanders.

If Chora Andros is the second port of the island, then Gavrio is its main sea gate. Here the attention of tourists is attracted by the castle of St. Peter. To the east of it lies the ancient village of Agios Petros with an amazing cylindrical stone tower 20 m high.

Monastery 600x800 - 7 Top Reasons To Visit Andros Island In Greece
The Monastery of Saint Irene

We also visited the monastery of Saint Irene with a breathtaking view. Although the monks do not live in the monastery, here you will find several museums dedicated to the history of writing, traditional musical instruments, geological and botanical collections. While visiting the monastery, it is worth seeing the slate temple (basilica with a dome), with arches and crosses inside.

church 800x600 - 7 Top Reasons To Visit Andros Island In Greece
Church St. Thalassini

Andros, the second-largest and northernmost island in the Cyclades, is one of the greenest, which is also tempting for hikers. The advantages of Andros include the hospitality of its permanent residents, among whom there are traditionally many sailors. Is it possible to remain indifferent to such natural beauty? Andros amazes and charms with the glance.


Andros island 533x800 - 7 Top Reasons To Visit Andros Island In Greece
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