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Ten Years a Nomad: A Traveler’s Journey Home is a book that many have been waiting for several years and which has become a real bestseller within just a few days.


Many bloggers know the author of the book as Matthew Kepness and millions of travellers as Nomadic Matt. Over the years, he has been known as a tireless nomadic traveler and travel expert who shares useful tips for budget travels, as well as the author of another bestseller How to Travel the World on $50 a Day: Travel Cheaper, Longer, Smarter.






This is my first book review. I love reading and always admire the books from which I can learn something useful and interesting for me. Ten Years a Nomad is one of these books, which will be fascinating not only for travellers but also for those who want to change their lives and do what they really love.


The book was published on July 16, 2019, but I pre-ordered it on Amazon in advance and got a few more pleasant bonuses from Matt. Thanks for that! Ten Years a Nomad can be purchased in two formats: Hardcover and Kindle. I always prefer a hardcover book to electronic format. The aroma of fresh pages and the feeling of a book cover in my hands always made a greater impression on me and helped me dipper plunge into the world of a writer. Therefore, I ordered a hardcover format, although I had to wait for it a few days till it reached my hands in Greece.


Ten Years a Nomad is an autobiography of a true traveler in love with the whole world and seeking to explore and see as much as possible. The whole book is filled with his passion for travel, with numerous stories and personal experiences.


“Now, I had seen a world where routine didn’t have to exit. That was the beauty of travel. You could break free from everything!”


The book turned out to be so “lively” and “personal” that it seemed to me that Matt shares his stories with me as with a friend, and, sometimes, I had the desire to support him, was happy for him or sad, and even wanted to share with Matt my own travel stories.


I would like to note that Ten Years a Nomad turned out to be also quite romantic, where the author shares with us his most personal love stories.


“Our days filled up with magical dinners, sailing trips, time on the beach, and nights in each other’s arms”


By reading, you will be able to follow from the very beginning how a regular employee in the hospital with future career growth Matt turned into a famous backpacker and traveler Nomadic Matt, and later this traveler found his way to his own happiness. Matt is the same person as you and I, he also had many questions, worries, and doubts, but he was able to overcome his fear and become what he always wanted to be. This journey to himself, or as he says “journey to home”, took him almost 10 years.


Ten Years a Nomad shows us that being a travel blogger is not only about exciting travels and parties, but it’s also about the hard work, sleepless nights spent at the computer and sacrifices of personal time. There are times when you feel like the happiest traveler, and sometimes endless trips just burn you out. Matt felt the same but was able to find his way back home.






I was especially pleased to read about his beautiful and unforgettable memories in Greece. I am really glad that Matt included my beloved country in his book and hope that other travellers will love it as well as he is.


“Write about it. This is the real Greece. Not that other bullshit”


Ten Years a Nomad is more than an ordinary book, this is a person’s way to his dream and home, which is not always easy and fast.


“I was ok with myself. I was satisfied with who I was, what I like, and everything I did. I had come home from my original trip the person I wanted to be. That is what finding home feels like”




If you still have doubts about reading or not, check out the reviews of Lonely Planet, New York Times and other writers.



ten years no mad - TEN YEARS A NOMAD REVIEW




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