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Top 10 Things To Do in Tolo (Peloponnese, Greece)

This summer our team, Travel Bloggers Greece, was invited to Tolo, Peloponnese in Greece. It was not the first time I visited this seaside village. In truth, I have been here 4 times! But I must admit that we were shown places that I have never visited before and did not expect that in Tolo so many exciting things can be done. In this post, I want to share with you the Top 10 Things To Do In Tolo, Peloponnese that will help make your vacation in Greece unforgettable.

tbg - Top 10 Things To Do in Tolo (Peloponnese, Greece)
Team of Travel Bloggers Greece explores Tolo

Also, I want to mention that is was my first post COVID trip. Things have changed, but not the beauty of Greece!

Tolo village, located on the Peloponnese, 160 km from Athens Airport, in the Argolida region. This beautiful seaside resort with a well-organized tourist infrastructure was formed from a fishing village. Tolo has many budget hotels and apartments. A special highlight of the resort is a beautiful sandy beach where you can enjoy water sports and sunbathing all day, and in the evening take a walk along the promenade or have a cocktail in one of the seaside bars.

Top thing to do in Tolo

#1 Spend all day on the beach

tolo boat - Top 10 Things To Do in Tolo (Peloponnese, Greece)
Tolo seafront with fishing boats

Tolo beach is quite long, but not very wide, in some places it narrows almost to the size of a sunbed. The sand is fine and velvety, the entry into the water is smooth, there are practically no waves.

This beach is ideal for families with kids, but couples will also enjoy holidays here. Fans of extreme sports will find in Tolo a diving center, a rental point for water sports and underwater equipment, and a variety of water attractions.

Tolo beach is an organized beach with sunbeds and umbrellas. You can find several secluded bays closer to the rocks.

#2 Visit nearby small and uninhabited islands

sea trip - Top 10 Things To Do in Tolo (Peloponnese, Greece)
One of the top things to do in Tolo- enjoying a motorboat trip

Tolo is surrounded from the sea by the picturesque islands of Coronissi, Dascalio and Romvi, which give this place an additional charm. One of them has well preserved ruins of an ancient fortress built during the Byzantine times.

The most active and curious can rent a motorboat, kayak or catamaran and take a fascinating sea trip to these islands. During our stay, we visited Dascalio island. Guys, I could stay here all day! So clear and azure waters. By the way, we even had a BBQ lunch on the beach, organized by our hosts! Be sure to visit the small church on top of the island with breathtaking views.

We got to the island by motorboat and team of www.introdive.gr with small stops for swimming. We just couldn’t resist the temptation to have a dip in the sea! On the way back we enjoyed a sailing boat with www.tolosailing.gr and I was even a captain …. though only for a few minutes xoxo. Both experiences were amazing! I even don’t know which one I prefer more.

#3 Take a cruise trip to Spetses and Hydra

IMG 1402 - Top 10 Things To Do in Tolo (Peloponnese, Greece)
Hydra island, Greece

Pegasus day cruise departs from Tolo to the picturesque islands of Hydra and Spetses. The program of the cruise includes 3 hours on Hydra Island and two hours on Spetses Island. You will have plenty of time for swimming, exploring the streets of Hydra, and having lunch in one of the tavernas in Spetses. An unforgettable adventure for the whole day!

#4 Enjoy seafood and fish dishes

seafood - Top 10 Things To Do in Tolo (Peloponnese, Greece)
Golden Beach Restaurant

Remember, that Tolo was a fishing village? In fact, it is still! Walking along the seafront you will see peacefully swaying fishing boats and a large number of fish taverns. Want to visit the best food spots? Here are some of my favorite Τolo taverns:

  • Maria’s Restaurants. They have not only delicious cuisine but also an amazing sea view from their balcony. Perfect for romantic dinner. What to try: fried halloumi cheese with fig marmalade, green salad with nuts, and pasta with shrimps.
  • Acrogiali Seafood Restaurant. I have been to this tavern many times, this is one of my favorite food spots in Tolo. The tavern is located right on the edge of the sea, which gives it more charm. What to try: appetizers, salads, and main courses all with seafood.
  • Ormos Tavern. Located next to Acrogiali Restaurant. Attentive and polite staff, homemade dishes. What to try: tomato fried balls, green salad, and braised octopus.
  • Golden Beach Restaurant. The restaurant located in the hotel and has delicious not only seafood but also meat dishes. What to try: eggplant appetizer, green salad, grilled fresh shrimps, and local beer.

#5 Visit Ancient Asini

asini - Top 10 Things To Do in Tolo (Peloponnese, Greece)
The archaeological site of Asini

It was a discovery for me that not far from Tolo, there is the ancient city of Asini, which is now an archaeological site. Here you can find the ruins of different eras: from the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages.

Climb up to the top of the cliff and enjoy the magnificent views of the Tolo and nearby territories. Travel tip: after 15:00 you can visit Asini for FREE.

#6 Go For a Walk to Nafplio

nafplion - Top 10 Things To Do in Tolo (Peloponnese, Greece)
I am against the background of the Bourtzi Fortress in Nafplio

Nafplio is a charming little town with a picturesque promenade, old stone houses, squares, and streets full of life. Did you know that Nafplio was the first capital of Greece? Α visit card of Nafplio is a stone castle, which is located on a rocky hill high above the town, as well as a small round fortress Bourtzi, built on an island in the center of the harbor.

The special charm of Nafplio is largely associated with the stay of the Venetians, which left an imprint on the appearance of today’s center. Thanks to their efforts, the city acquired a very special look and harmoniously blended into the surrounding nature.

Be sure to visit the famous Italian ice cream shop Retro Latteria during your visit to Nafplio.

#7 Visit the main archaeological sites of Greece – Mycenae & Epidavros.

Tolo has a great location to visit famous ancient sites such as Mycenae and Epidauros. This summer I was impressed to see these places so empty because usually, you can find crowds of tourists here.

mycenae - Top 10 Things To Do in Tolo (Peloponnese, Greece)
The lion gate of Mycenae

Mycenae is one of the most famous and impressive archaeological sites of the Bronze Age, located in the Peloponnese. The name Mycenae is associated with the most famous Greek myths that have come down to us through the epic of Homer and other great tragedies of antiquity. According to legend, Mycenae was founded by Perseus, the son of Zeus and Danae. Visitors to Mycenae can visit the unique mine and domed tombs discovered by the German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann in 1876, as well as discover the famous Mycenaean palace and the ruins of the city walls.

Epidavros - Top 10 Things To Do in Tolo (Peloponnese, Greece)
Epidaurus Theater

In ancient times, Epidaurus was the sacred hospital of the ancient world. The most famous attraction is the beautifully preserved theater, although there are other remarkable sites to visit, including the gymnasium, baths, museum, Odeon, the temples of Asclepius and Apollo, Folos and the stadium.

#8 Get acquainted with the technology of olive oil production

oil factory - Top 10 Things To Do in Tolo (Peloponnese, Greece)
Melas Oil Factory

Olive oil is rightfully called the “liquid gold” of Greece. If you want to get to know the technology of olive oil production, taste the most delicious varieties of olives and purchase natural cosmetics based on olive oil, be sure to visit Melas Olive Factory.

Here we had a fascinating tour of the olive oil factory, which included the history of this place, tips for storing olive oil, tasting local products, and the opportunity to purchase them at competitive prices. Guys, dark chocolate with olive oil and dried fruits – just TOP!

#9 Taste the most famous Greek drink – ouzo

ouzo factory - Top 10 Things To Do in Tolo (Peloponnese, Greece)
Karonis ouzo factory

Have you ever been to an ouzo factory? Nope? The same for me. It was the first time I visited Ouzo Factory, although I love this drink, especially with seafood or fish dish.

We visited the Karonis factory, where we were introduced to all the stages of ouzo production, tasted the most popular varieties, and even tried lemon liqueur, which is also produced here. The owner of the factory in person will tell you the main secrets of this magnificent drink.

#10 Visit the Monastery of Agia Moni

monastery - Top 10 Things To Do in Tolo (Peloponnese, Greece)
Agia Moni Zoodochos Pighi

The Catholicon of the monastery dates from around the middle of the 12th century and from 1875 was dedicated to Zoodochos Pighi, literally, “the source of life”. It is one of the most important churches of the middle Byzantine period and is in excellent condition.

The church is mainly of architectural interest, as the original paintings and decorations have not survived. The architectural type of the church is a four-column cross in a square with a dome. We visited the monastery on Sunday during the service which I recommend you attend.

How to Get to Tolo, Peloponnese, Greece

Getting from Athens airport Eleftherios Venizelos to Tolo is very easy and you have several options.

By arriving at Athens airport, you can rent a car. Travel time from Athens airport to Tolo is approximately 2 hours.

A more economical option is to take the X96 bus from the airport to Athens bus station. From there take a bus to Nafplio and one more bus to Tolo. You will need approximately 4-5 hours and the cost of all tickets will be approximately 23 euros one way.

Where to stay in Tolo, Peloponnese, Greece

There are many options for accommodation in Tolo where you can spend your holidays. Hotels, mostly tourist class – 2-3 stars, with swimming pools and restaurants. There are inexpensive family hotels, comfortable apartments with kitchens, or rooms to let.

IMG 20200703 155110 01 resized 20200730 070226032 - Top 10 Things To Do in Tolo (Peloponnese, Greece)
View from our room in the Paradise Lost hotel

This time we stayed in an amazing hotel – the Paradise Lost, only 100m from the beach. It is truly a paradise with rooms overlooking the sea, a large pool surrounded by palm trees and a small pool bar with modern music.

Demetris and I had a Junior Suite on the third floor and we enjoyed it a lot. Our room was tastefully furnished with a well-equipped bathroom. We had slippers, bathrobes, kettle with complimentary tea and coffee, and good internet.

The breakfast at the hotel was quite varied and the hotel staff was friendly and helpful. You will never believe that this hotel is only 2 *, it deserves at least 4 *.


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