TOP 13 2 - TOP 13 Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona

TOP 13 Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona

Architect Antonio Gaudi is perhaps one of the most famous creators in the world. Even without knowing his name, I am sure that you have seen at least one of his masterpieces in some photos, which made a big impression on you. Looking at Gaudi buildings in Barcelona, it is simply impossible not to say WOW!

Gaudi buildings in Barcelona are masterpieces that amaze not only with the imagination of their creator but also with the deep meaning that Gaudi wanted to convey. In my opinion, Gaudi “created” the soul of Barcelona and thanks to his masterpieces, millions of tourists are ready to visit the capital of Catalonia, again and again, every year.

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There is a legend that when Gaudi received his diploma as an architect in 1878, the director, handing him a diploma, said the following phrase: “I don’t know, gentlemen, to whom we are handing the diploma – to a genius or to a madman!

During my last trip to Barcelona, I tried to see as many Gaudi masterpieces as possible and below you will find a list of TOP 13 Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona worth visiting.

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TOP 13 Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona

#1 La Sagrada Familia

IMG 2870 800x533 1 - TOP 13 Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona
one of the most fabulous Gaudi buildings in Barcelona – La Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia is a magnificent Basilica, one of the symbols of Barcelona and, for sure, a MUST SEE Gaudi building in Barcelona. I advise you to start getting acquainted with the works of Gaudí from this masterpiece of his life.

The construction of the Sagrada Familia began in 1882. When Gaudi died in 1926, only a quarter of the construction was completed. Nowadays, the Basilica is at the final stage, and the estimated completion date is 2026. The Sagrada Familia is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Address: Carrer de Mallorca 401

Tickets: you can get online tickets with an audioguide or online tickets with a guided tour and access to one of the towers

Free with Barcelona City Pass

#2 Sagrada Família Schools 

Sagrada Familia Schools Barcelona Gaudi buildings Spain 1024x640 800x500 - TOP 13 Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona
Sagrada Família Schools

In the early days of the construction of the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi built a school nearby. It was intended for the children of builders and workers, for their school activities, while their fathers spent days and nights building one of the most magnificent buildings in all of Europe.

Now inside these schools, there is a museum dedicated to the construction of the Basilica. Entrance with the same ticket as for the Sagrada Familia.

#3 Casa Batlló

IMG 2959 800x533 1 - TOP 13 Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona
Casa Batlló

Many experts note that the construction of Casa Batlló in Barcelona marked a new stage in the work of Antonio Gaudi when he completely departed from the styles known at that time and began to follow his architectural ideas exclusively.

The facade of the building gives the impression of a dragon’s scaly skin, the columns and balconies resemble the outlines of the bones of the victims of the monster. Therefore, Casa Batlló is often called the House of Bones.

Address: Passeig de Gracia 43

Tickets: You can get tickets online with an audioguide in different languages

20% discount with Barcelona City Pass

#4 Casa Milà (La Pedrera)

IMG 3045 800x493 1 - TOP 13 Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona
Casa Milà

Сasa Mila, or as the Catalans used to call it “Quarry”, is the last of the masterpieces of the legendary Antonio Gaudi, which he built in 1910 for a secular society. While working on this project, Gaudi often mentioned that he was inspired by the sea elements and graceful rock cliffs on the asymmetric supports and the wavy facade of the building.

Be sure to get to the roof of the building, where it seems that here live various fairy-tale characters. In fact, fantastic sculptures are just a disguise of chimneys and ventilation pipes.

Address: Carrer de Provenca 261

Tickets: you can book an online ticket with an audio guide or night experience on the roof of La Pedrera

20% discount with Barcelona City Pass

#5 Park Güell

IMG 3171 1 800x533 1 - TOP 13 Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona
Park Guell

One of the most fairy parks in the world. The genius of the outstanding Spanish architect Gaudi, his unique style and craftsmanship can be traced in all park attractions: a bench curving like a snake, a temple of 100 columns, alleys as if specially designed for walks of dreamers and lovers.

In Park Guell, you can see the famous multicolored mosaic salamander, which becomes the symbol of the city, as well as such fairy Gaudi buildings in Barcelona, as two gingerbread houses.

Address: Carrer d’Olot 5

Tickets: you can get an entrance ticket to the park online or guided walking tour in the park.

Free with Barcelona City Pass

#6 Casa Museum Gaudí

Casa Museu Gaud  - TOP 13 Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona

You can get acquainted with the life and work of Antonio Gaudi in the public zone of Park Guell, where is located the House-Museum of the great Catalan architect.

The House-Museum presents a rich collection of furniture and other masterpieces of art created by the hands of Gaudi.

Address: Carretera del Carmel 23A

Tickets: you can get a ticket online

#7 Palau Guell

Palau Guell - TOP 13 Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona
Guell Palace

Guell Palace is one of the early works of Antonio Gaudi in Barcelona. The building was built as a private house for the Catalan businessman Güell, who one of the first noticed the talent of the genius architecture and sponsored his work.

This is also the only Gaudi building in Barcelona, located in the area of the Old Town, so it is almost impossible to pass by it.

Address: Carrer Nou de la Rambla 3-5

Tickets: you can get a ticket with a guided tour online

#8 Casa Vicens

IMG 3087 800x533 1 - TOP 13 Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona
Casa Vicens

Сasa Vicens is the first major project by Antonio Gaudi, was built as a country house of a local manufacturer. It is believed that this Gaudi building in Barcelona gave rise to a new period in the architecture of Spain – Catalan modernism.

Casa Vicens is striking in its colorful ceramic decoration and from 2017, you have the opportunity (finally!) to visit this masterpiece from the inside and its gardens.

Address: Carrer de Les Carolines 24

Tickets: you can get an entrance ticket online or book a guided tour

#9 Casa Calvet

dscn 3865 qpr 800x600 1 - TOP 13 Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona
Casa Calvet

Casa Calvet is, also, one of the first masterpieces of Antonio Gaudi. Many experts regard this house as Gaudi’s most conservative creation, however, Casa Calvet has many modernist elements, such as the facade and balconies that look very fabulous.

Nowadays, an excellent restaurant with oak furniture is located inside Casa Calvet, which you can visit, and on the upper floors, there are still residential apartments.

Address: Carrer de Casp 48

#10 Torre Bellesguard

Torre20Bellesguard2011 79 1480514011 - TOP 13 Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona
Torre Bellesguard

The appearance of Bellersguard tower-house resembles a medieval castle: powerful walls, narrow long windows, tiny semicircular balconies with stone festoons and a gallery protected by battlements on the top floor. Here you will see Gaudi’s “personal stamp” – a voluminous cross crowning the tower.

This is, also, one of the Gaudi buildings in Barcelona about which not many tourists know and it was opened for public visits in 2013.

Address: Carrer de Bellesguard 16

Tickets: you can get a ticket online with an audio guide and glass of cava

#11 Col·legi de Les Teresianes

5153771792 8e28be53dc b 800x600 - TOP 13 Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona
Teresian College

Teresian College is an excellent example of constructive rationalism by Antonio Gaudi and it does not look like any of his creations. The architect was faced with the task of being extremely modest in everything from the appearance of the building to the costs of its construction.

Gaudi built three more floors above the existing rectangular case, using such economical building material as a brick. The construction is crowned with an elegant line of battlements and pinnacle towers.

Address:  Carrer de Ganduxer 85-105

#12 Portal Miralles

Portal Miralles 600px - TOP 13 Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona
Portal Miralles

The house, which has not been preserved to this day, was built by the assistant of the great architect Sugranjes. Antonio Gaudi designed the construction of the main portal-entrance and a fence around the estate. From the work of the architect, only 36 meters of the fairytale fence were preserved.

In 2000, a life-size sculpture of Gaudi was placed at the portal.

Entrance free.

#13 Pavellons de la Finca Güell

Pavellons de la Finca G%C3%BCell 800x534 - TOP 13 Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona
Pavellons Güell

This is one of the earliest works of the great architectural genius Antonio Gaudi. The architect’s plan was based on the myth of the Hesperides magic garden. The most interesting preserved part of the estate is the gate in the form of a dragon.

According to the legend, the bloodthirsty dragon Ladon guarded the entrance to the garden, where a tree grew with golden apples, giving eternal youth and immortality.

Address: Avinguda de Pedralbes 7

In addition to these famous Gaudi buildings in Barcelona, do not forget to pay attention to one more masterpiece of the architect, located in the heart of the Old Town, but not always noticed by tourists.

IMG 2921 533x800 1 - TOP 13 Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona
Gaudi’s lanterns

These are Gaudi’s lanterns on Plaka Reial. Two red lanterns with a winged helmet became the first independent work of Antonio Gaudi in the city. The famous winged helmet of Mercury and two snakes entwining a pole were intentionally designed by Gaudi. It was assumed that the buildings on the square will be occupied by merchants, while Mercury is the patron saint of trade.

So, what do you think: Antonio Gaudi is a genius of his time or a madman architect?


TOP 13 1 534x800 1 - TOP 13 Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona

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