Milos Island Greece

Top Things To Do In Milos Island Greece

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Top Things To Do In Milos Island

The Greek island of Milos has been on my travel list for years and yes, I finally visited it! I am so happy to share with you the top things to do in Milos, such as where to stay, the best beaches to visit, what to do and see, and where to enjoy the tastiest dinner on the island. Milos has enchanting sunsets, natural caves, picturesque cliffs, a clear sea with beautiful beaches, and, of course, a rich heritage of ancient Cycladic architecture.

The statue of Aphrodite was found in Milos, the one that today is kept in the Louvre.

Are you ready? Let’s start!

How To Get To Milos Island Greece

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How To Get To Milos Island

One of the options to get to Milos is by plane from the main airport of Athens. The second option is to take a ferry from the main port of Piraeus in Athens.

Ferries run several times a day and the trip lasts about 3 hours. I advise booking the ferry tickets in advance. You can check the schedule HERE.

The island also has excellent ferry connections with other Cycladic islands such as Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos. It can be a great idea to combine visiting several islands during your stay in Greece.

Where To Stay In Milos Island Greece

Milos has many great areas and hotels to stay in during your holiday. Since we took Vespa with us, we had no problem finding a hotel in any part of the island.

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Sarakiniko Rooms, view from our room

My choice fell on an area near the famous Sarakiniko beach and hotel – Sarakiniko Rooms. The hotel was super stylish and modern with a great location and breathtaking views of Sarakiniko beach. Besides the comfy bed and fast internet, we had tasty local products for breakfast and an espresso machine in the room.

Another well-known area to stay in Milos is the main port – Adamas. The most lively area with many restaurants, bars, entertainment, and the beach within walking distance. Adamas is perfect for your stay if you are not considering renting a car.

Pollonia is located northeast of the main port and is extremely popular with windsurfing and diving enthusiasts. Along the bay stretches a long sandy beach, on the edge of which grow tamarisks, and from the south, it is closed by a small cape, where the small village is located.

Plaka, the capital of the island, has white houses with blue doors and shutters decorated with flowers. At the top of the town, there is a Venetian temple and a picturesque view of Milos Bay. The nearest beach can only be reached by transport, so the area is not for everybody.

There are many other great places to stay in Milos, such as Klima Village and Mandraki Village, so you have many options to choose from.

The Top Milos Beaches

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One Of The Top Milos Beaches – Sarakiniko

I will start with my personal preferences and organized beaches on the island.

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Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko Beach. The most popular beach not only in Milos but throughout Greece. This beach can be recognized by just one photo since such a moon landscape cannot be found anywhere else. Imagine only whimsical rocks as white cascades descending in the bright blue Aegean mope. This beach was close to our hotel. The only minus is that it is very difficult to stay under the scorching sun for a long time without an umbrella. So we swam a little, took a thousand impressive photos, and went to look for an organized beach.

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Paliochori Beach

Paliochori Beach. Paliochori beach consists of two parts, separated by rocks. The eastern part is much longer, there is a wide, sandy line, and the nice café Sirocco. Here we relaxed and had a great snack. The western side of the beach, in addition to the beautiful red-yellow-white-crimson mountain slopes, offers some privacy and hot springs.

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Fyriplaka Beach

Fyriplaka Beach. It has all the attributes of a dream beach – snow-white sand, a long and wide coastline, and rocks shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow. The only bad thing that there were no umbrellas and sunbeds, and we did not stay long.

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Kleftiko Beach

Kleftiko Beach. Now, monk seals are hiding here, and earlier pirates hid their ships in the Kleftiko rocks after attacks on merchant ships. We visited it during a boat trip.

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Provatas Beach

Provatas Beach. Another organized beach with a beach bar. This is one of the most convenient beaches for families with children. Soft sand and shallow water allow parents to relax without unnecessary worries.

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Plathiena Beach

Plathiena Beach. It is a small, sandy beach located in a beautiful and cozy bay in the western part of Milos, near the island’s capital, Plaka. This is an organized beach and we spent the first part of the day here and had lunch next to the beach.

Achivadolimni Beach. This beach is located in the southern part of Milos Bay, which is the crater of an extinct ancient volcano. It is also the longest beach on the island, reminiscent of a giant crescent. The beach got its name in honor of the only lake in Milos. Since the beach was not organized, we did not stay here for a long time.

Agia Kiriaki Beach. The beach is located on the south coast of Milos. A dirt road leads to the beach, which ends in a fairly large free parking. This beach was also not organized.

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Top Things To Do In Milos Island

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Full Day Cruise in Milos

#1 Full Day Island Discovery Cruise With Lunch. Although many companies offer this cruise, I suggest you choose a catamaran. This was an unforgettable sea voyage around the island with a visit to the most famous beach – Kleftiko. There were 9 couples on board, so the trip was very fun and exciting.

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Sunset on Plaka

#2 Romantic Sunset on Plaka. The capital of the island – the city of Plaka – is located two hundred meters above sea level. A panoramic view of the bay opens from its height. The Crusader castle is considered a striking landmark of the city, where everyone goes to enjoy unforgettable sunsets.

sikya cave - Top Things To Do In Milos Island Greece
Sykia Cave

#3 Natural Caves. Sykia is the most unusual cave located in the western part of Milos. Yachts and ships from Adamantas regularly come here, there is also a road from the side of the Church of St. John. The most visited place is a cave formed by four rocks.

#4 Museums of Milos. There are several interesting museums in Milos that you can visit: the Archaeological Museum, the Ecclesiastical Museum, the Folklore Museum, the Mining Museum, and the Maritime Museum.

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Klima Village

#5 Klima Village. Klima is the largest fishing village. A picturesque place where houses are built at the very edge of the water, the first floors of the buildings are used as garages for boats. The doors and balconies of the houses are painted in different colors, making the whole village look bright and attractive

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Mandrakia Village

#6 Mandrakia Village. Mandrakia is a small fishing village near Plaka. The architecture of this picturesque village is traditional for Milos as it follows the natural landscape carved into the rocks around the small port. These houses are used by fishermen for fishing boats and nets. There is also a delicious fish tavern here.

#7 Catacombs. To the southeast of Milos is another worthy attraction of the island – the famous catacombs of the 3rd century, where 2000 Christians are supposed to rest. The only early Christian Necropolis in Greece consists of a main underground corridor and 4 small adjacent ones, and their total length is 185 m.

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view from Aragosta Restaurant

#8 Enjoy food at the local restaurants and taverns. I didn’t expect that there are so many wonderful and delicious restaurants and taverns in Milos.

  • Aragosta. Lovely restaurant with fresh fish and specialties. Did I mention that it offers a stunning view of the port of Adamas? Very romantic and after a delicious dinner you can enjoy cocktails at the bar.
  • O! Hamos! Possibly one of the most popular local taverns in Milos. The name of the tavern translates as “Chaos” and indeed this place is always full of customers. In the evening, here you can find a line of people waiting for a free table. Be sure to come here early. The tavern is famous for homemade and local food.
  • Mikros Apoplous. Amazing seafood and fish tavern in Adamas. I advise you to try different dishes (meze) with Greek ouzo. It’s usually full in the evenings too, so come early.
  • Borriello Restaurant. The restaurant is located in Plaka with spectacular views and excellent cuisine.
  • Notos Seafood Experience. Modern restaurant with contemporary seafood cuisine. Great place for lunch with traditional dishes prepared in a new way.
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Notos Seasfood Experience Restaurant

Milos is an unusual island, the colors, and shapes of which will take your breath away, while sea cliffs, caves with an unusual stalactite mantle, and numerous hot springs add to its beauty and attract many tourists from all over the world.



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