On our last trip to Barcelona, we used the services of Vueling Airlines. This was my first time flying with a Spanish low-cost airline and I should note that Demetris and I were satisfied with our flight, so I decided to write my own Vueling Airlines Review. I hope it will be helpful for those who still have doubts about booking or not a flight with Vueling Airlines.

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Vueling Airlines Review

What is Vueling Airlines

Vueling Airlines is the largest low-cost airline in Spain, based in Barcelona. The company was founded in 2004 and quickly began to grow; at the moment Vueling Airlines serves many European destinations. By the way, in Greece, Vueling Airlines fly not only from Athens but also from many Greek islands.

The company has several types of Boeing, different incapacity. We flew from Athens to Barcelona on a larger one with several emergency exits and back on a Boeing with a capacity of 180 seats.

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Vueling Airlines website

Vueling Airlines has a quite convenient and informative website, that supports several languages.

Pay attention to the section “TRAVEL”. Ηere, you will find not only a standard flight search engine but also a calendar with prices, a map of all directions and a schedule of arrivals and departures at the airports of Barcelona and Rome.

In the section “TRAVEL INFO”, can be found all needed information about baggage, passengers, flight status and more useful information.

Be sure to check out special offers for families and hotel reservations with transfers.

Vueling Airlines booking

You can book your tickets either directly on the airline’s website or through such a well-known online engine as www.skyscanner.com

There are 3 types of prices: basic, optima and time flex. Demetris and I booked the basic rate tickets which had a more attractive price and the ability to take a cabin bag up to 10 kg up in the plane with you. Since our fare was without a seat, I booked in advance seats near each other (4 Euros each) and was able to get boarding tickets at once.

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Vueling Airlines check-in

Vueling Airlines check-in

If you didn’t select a seat during your booking, don’t worry, you can сheck-in online between 7 days and one hour before your flight.

You can get instant check-in if you book optima or time flax fares or by pre-booking your seat in advance, as we did.

For your convenience, the cabin bag can be checked in; on the spot you pay (only by card) 4 euros for each.

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Vueling Airlines flight

Both flights went well without any delays. During our flight to Barcelona, we were lucky, as one place in the row was free and we have enough space to enjoy our flight. The cabin crew was quite friendly and spoke good English.

As in all low-cost airlines, you can order drinks and light snacks or warm meals on board. Although before boarding we bought some snacks at the local cafe that we took with us and on the board we ordered hot coffee.

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Is Vueling Airlines safe and reliable?

In 2017, the airline had many flight cancellations, but then their operation was adjusted. There were no serious incidents. Several emergency landings were recorded, without any serious injuries to passengers.

In addition, just to know, the average age of the airline’s aircraft is about 6.6 years (according to the statistics).

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Vueling Airlines review

My conclusions

In general terms, we were pleased with Vueling Airlines. Our flight went without any delays or surprises. Was it luck, our positive attitude or good airline operation? It is up to you to decide.

The last point that I would like to mention and share is that two weeks before our departure from Athens, the airline changed the departure time from Barcelona one hour earlier. If this did not suit us, they were ready to offer us alternative options, but since we had no problems, we left the day of departure as it was.

Do you still doubt to book or not? Get your travel insurance and have a safe flight.

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Useful Travel Resources

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Book Air Tickets

Skyscanner.com  is my leader in finding flights. It compares thousands of routes and providers to find the best deals.  I really love its feature the “cheapest month”, and you can also compare the prices every single day of the month in order to find the cheapest one.

Book Accommodation

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Looking for Additional Travel Resources?

Check my Travel Resources page to find the best deals on car rental, booking ferries, trains and other companies that will make your travel more comfortable and pleasant.

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