winter holidays in Greece

Winter Holidays in Greece: the best travel ideas

What is Greece for you? I am pretty sure that for most travelers, it is primarily a summer destination with the azure sea, sunny weather, delicious Greek food, and many hours spent on the beach. But what about the winter holidays in Greece? Snowy mountains, ski modern resorts, natural thermal SPA baths, mild climate, Christmas markets with winter entertainments make visiting Greece very attractive even during the winter holidays.

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winter holidays in Greece

Greece in winter

Greece in winter is a unique combination of exciting excursions, all kinds of winter activities and, of course, good mood and positive vibes. The mild climate of this amazing country is a real gift for all fans of the winter holidays. Be sure that in winter, Greece is no less fascinating, and its nature and sights are as attractive as in the summer season.

During the winter holidays, Greece will delight lovers of the “intellectual” or “cognitive” vacations. This is the best time to book thrilling excursions and day trips, visit the archaeological sites and ancient cities, the history of which we studied since childhood. This is always an exciting journey into the world of centuries-old history and culture, a world full of myths and mysteries.

I guarantee that you will be surprised by how many options Greece winter travel can offer.

The best travel ideas for the winter holidays in Greece

Christmas holidays in Greece can become for you and your family, a really exciting, vibrant and unforgettable trip. For your information, we celebrate Christmas on December 25, according to the new Gregorian church calendar.

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Christmas in Athens

The main Christmas destination is Athens, where the biggest Christmas tree of the country shines with multi-colored lights on the main square Syntagma every year. In Athens, during the holidays, you can visit several Christmas markets, which offer entertainment and Christmas goodies for children and adults. I also advise you to visit our new cultural center Stavros Niarchos in Athens, which is magically decorated during the winter and they even have an outdoor ice rink there.

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Christmas in Thessaloniki

The northern capital of Greece, Thessaloniki is also another popular Christmas Destination. Here you can admire the traditional symbol of Christmas – a boat. Yes, yes, in olden times the Greeks decorated a boat, not a Christmas tree in their homes. In early December, the Christmas park, which is called the Christmas Magic City, begins to welcome all guests of Thessaloniki. As well as, every year from the beginning of December to the beginning of January, the main square of Aristotle transforms into a real Christmas village!

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Christmas in Heraklion

In Crete, they really know how to throw a good Christmas party. That’s why, during the Christmas holidays, in Heraklion, the capital of Crete, is always really fun. In early December, the city is decorated with multicolored lights and you can enjoy the main Christmas tree in the central square. Almost all of December, various festive events are held here: Christmas markets, concerts, and in the last few years, even the Santa Run charity event.

The best Christmas holiday itinerary : Athens (2 nights), Thessaloniki (2 nights). Heraklion (2 nights).

If you are planning to visit Greece before or after the Christmas holidays, you have an amazing opportunity to go on fascinating historical and mythological trips. Every part of Greece is fraught with many secrets and stories and there are so many places here to explore during your winter holidays.

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Nafplion, the first capital of Greece, is a must-see. It is a little charming town with a picturesque promenade, old stone houses, squares and streets full of life. The most famous attraction of Nafplio is the stone castle, located on a rocky hill, as well as a small fortress (Bourtzi), built on an island in the center of the harbor.

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ancient Sparta

Sparta, in the region of Laconia, is one of the oldest cities in Greece. The main attractions of the modern city are the ruins of Ancient Sparta located in its vicinity. It’s quite interesting to visit the tomb of Leonid, the brave King of Sparta.

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Olympia is one of the most revered shrines of the ancient world, dedicated to the father of the gods Zeus. You can visit here the homeland of the Olympic Games, where located the famous Olympic flame and the temple of Hera.

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Delphi is one of the most famous and exciting holiday destinations in Greece. This Greek town is covered in myths. According to legend, Delphi is the center of the world. In addition to historical past, Delphi attracts tourists with its divinely beautiful nature, mountain landscapes and flowering almond trees in spring. If you like winter sports, one of the most famous ski resorts in Greece is located near Delphi.

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The complex of monasteries better known as the “Meteora” is considered one of the modern Wonders of the World. Just imagine, Christian monasteries built on gigantic cliffs and majestically directed into the sky, as a gift to monks seeking to approach God. This is a really indescribable beauty!

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Northern Greece

Northern Greece is one of the most exciting destinations for the winter holidays in Greece. The town of Vergina is famous, first of all, for the royal tombs, where located the tomb of King Philip II, the father of the talented Alexander of Macedon. You can visit the town of Pella – the ancient capital of the great Macedonian Kingdom, the place where Alexander the Great was actually born. Another historical town Philippi, since 2006 is included in the list of the UNESCO world heritage sites. Many tourists and pilgrims go there to see the remains of several cultures.

The best winter historical itinerary in Greece: Athens (2 nights), Nafplion (1 night), Sparta ( 1 night), Olympia (1 night), Delphi (1 night).




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Since winter could be quite warm, you can combine your winter holidays in Greece with a trip to the island of Santorini, which all year round pleases its visitors with breathtaking views and spectacular sunsets.

The best winter holiday itinerary with a visit to Santorini: 4-day Classic tour from Athens (Olympia, Delphi, Meteora), Thessaloniki and tour of northern Greece (Vergina, Pella, Phillipi), tour in Santorini.

Do you still think that there is nothing to do in Greece in the winter? I am pretty sure you’ve changed your mind and are already preparing for your winter holidays in this amazing country. Don’t forget to plan your trip by checking out more interesting tours here.


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